Kia K9 flagship becomes Kia Quoris

Kia K9 flagship becomes Kia Quoris

When Kia launched their all-new flagship, a rear-wheel-drive fullsize sedan based on the Hyundai Genesis, they named it the Kia K9 for the Korean market, but held off on releasing its international name. Now they have, and it’s called the Kia Quoris.

Supposedly derived from “core” and “quality” somehow, the name will take time to settle in, and is certainly better than naming it a woof-worthy “K9”. Incidentally, the car has been spotted at random places around the UAE, such as at the entrance to the Dubai Mall cinema, making passers-by do a double-take as they think it’s a BMW 7-Series.

The Kia Quoris is expected to reach the GCC market in 2013.

Keep track of updates in the Kia buyer guide.

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  1. what is the price range?

  2. so bmw can’t sue kia???

  3. Love child of an LS460 and a 7 series

  4. They could have name it as KIA Curious. That’s the feeling it will arise when people will get combo of many cars in one.

  5. I heard price will START from AED 170K. It looks like combination from BMW-7, Jaguar & Maserati !

    I saw the commercial adv., people who got the budget will enjoy really.

  6. I think it will be here before 2013, maybe between September and October, it is just a personal feeling because this car was seen hot weather testing in KSA over 4 months ago and it was slightly camouflaged not totally, hope to see it here soon and to know the official prices for it

  7. Complete BMW 7 series copied interior and exterior both. Kia and Hyundai expert in stealing designs.

  8. People need to take a closer look at the two, the Quoris/K9 and the 7 Series.

    While there’s a vague resemblance, don’t really look alike (the Lexus GS and LS have more of the BMW greenhouse with the Hofmeister kink and the GS has the ‘wedge’ shaped dash just like BMW).

    There’s more of a Maserati Quattroporte influence than anything and front end of the Quattroporte has influenced BMW designs (as well as the front of the Lexus ES).

    And actually, what looked more like BMW was the Pontiac G8.

  9. i love it. just wow…. low price great service no complain if complain 5 years warranty what else you need in a car.. after 4 years if you see the design it will be great…

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