So we got a 2012 BMW 335i

So we got a 2012 BMW 335i

The last time we drove the BMW 335i, it was back in 2007, I had just graduated from college, and the car had two doors. It also happened to be one of the best cars I’d ever driven, and the only reason it didn’t end up on our recommended list was because it was expensive. Fast-forward to 2012, and there is a new model. And it still rocks.

BMW took a big step forward with this new generation of the 3-Series. It has grown a bit, and it also gets an angrier snout than any other BMW. It makes the new 5-Series look docile in comparison.

The little bit of growth has done wonders for cabin space. It can now fit adults comfortably in the back.

The boot is also pretty darn big now. However, in a bit of cost-cutting move that no mere mortals will notice, the lid uses goose-neck hinges instead of struts now.

The new 335i makes the 550i look obsolete. The smaller brother is almost as quick, almost as spacious, and much cheaper to boot even though, technically speaking, it is still a pricey car. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Great Car 😉
    Waiting for the Review

  2. its amazing that this bmw can run faster than S60 T6 even the volvo has almost the same hp but way more torque, must be the 8-speed that bmw useing helped the car alot.

    • in addition to the gear, it is important also to know when the peak torque occurs, in the BMW max torque is as low as 1200rpm flat curve to 5000rpm (number are from my memory so could vary a little)

  3. Goose neck hinges on a Beemer… hmm, i want to like this car, I’m sure it drives amazingly, but the eye booger and the afterthought nav screen, and now the goose neck… not what you expect from the brand, i believe the 5 is still the best BMW next to the Z4

  4. This is certainly an amazing car… but the run flats ruin the ride and because of the dollar depreciation vs the euro, it’s become quite expensive for us here in the UAE.

    Now with the possibility of the euro falling, it’s up to the dealer to give us back some of those savings…

    Fat chance.

  5. How much would this cost?

  6. probably the best sports saloon around…. but the price AGMC charges are insane

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