Mazda 6 2013-2014 model debuts next month

Mazda 6 2013-2014 model debuts next month

The Mazda 6, certainly of the most attractive cars in its segment, and supposedly among the best handling as well, is getting a complete redesign for next year. And the company has been busy releasing “teasers” for a while now, the best of which we’ve put up here.

Mazda plans to debut its new midsize sedan with a 2.0-litre “Skyactiv-G” 4-cylinder, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, and also feature their new i-ELOOP capacitor-based regenerative braking system that will apparently improve economy by up to 10%. It remains to be seen how much of this tech appears in GCC-spec models.

The reworked Mazda 6 is debuting in August at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show. The new model is being touted as a 2014 model, which means it will only reach showrooms by early 2013 at the latest.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Mazda buyer guide.

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  1. What’s with automakers obsession with rears that resemble the Hyundai Sonata 😛

    First Lexus, now Mazda????

  2. ^^ very much true.. everyones behind hyundai style 😀

  3. So what exactly is a “Skyactiv-G” 4-cylinder Engine?

    • Author

      I don’t really know yet.

    • skyactive is special mazda engineering which has outstanding fuel economy and great power. Skyactive engines from Mazda are new generation technology you check on given link..

    • Whats the use, in UAE dealers charge more, if they give more they will rip you off, all the good techologies are limited to US marker, we will get obosolete engines because of Fuel and temprature issues.

    • skyactiv is a combination of many aspects. in engine design, it use a high compression 13:1 ratio instead of typical 10:1 ratio. and it uses 4:2:2 system to release additional heat generated. the high compression is said to reduce fuel consumption.
      the current cx-5 is cool but typical mazda is not spacious at the back seats.

  4. The mazda concept car comes first before the sonata. Please get your fact right.

    It is actually hyundai copy mazda..


    • No you are wrong , it was hyundai sonata who came first , it is about time you get your fact stright

    • Now someone else will tell, Hyundai concept came earlier than Mazda. Toyota guy will say new Civic rear somewhat looks like previous generation Camry, Honda guy will say new Camry headlight area looks like Civic, can we stop this nonsense and appreciate the fact that almost every manufacturer have start releasing good cars after recession and the quality has increased in a huge way.

    • mazda, toyota, honda are all rev up their existing models to ‘copy’ hyundai design. new camry turned out ugly. city soso. new cr-v yet to know, but honda sales man dont like the new model :D. mazda cx-5 resember tucson and cannot deliver — 9 months wait time while tucson are everywhere. whoever copy who really is not my biz but who gets the sales? i can pay the same price and drive a tucson on the road next week, while i need to wait 9 month for cx-5….

  5. Well im very happy to hear that this modell going to be launch soon..believe me i was waiting for it last two year since 2010 in form of “”SHINARI””

  6. let Al Tayer handle Mazda; Galadari is good enough only for Veedol lubricants and maybe, Mahindra Scorpios!

  7. news is initially new Mazda 6 would come with 2.0ltr petrol skyactiv and later with 2.2ltr diesel and 2.5ltr petrol skyactiv which is gonna show up in the CX5 also by next year…there is no more 6cyl engines from mazda in there future models…already galadari started sellin the new CX5 with 2.0ltr and its about 94000 for base model…i saw a CX5 in abu dhabi showroom more than a month back while they were giving staff training for new vehicle…

  8. by the way galadari is no more sellin veedol…they are using castrol since last 2 yrs…

  9. Would like to see how the new ultra looks like….

  10. Beautiful! Mazda is the only japanese automaker nowadays that’s making modern and cool designs while rest of the car makers are still after conservative styling.

  11. Much more attractive and appealing than New Camry 2012. If we compare new Mazda 6 with current Camry side by side definitely Mazda win !!!

  12. So by above link skyactiv-G engine is basically direct injection. I hope that skyactiv series will come in GCC also.

  13. This design(rear look)first introduced by Maserati,Hyundai copied it!

  14. Not interested in who copied whom. This car is absolutely beautiful in its class; just hope they redesign the interior. The concept car’s interior on youtube are horrible to say the least.

    Exterior styling of Mazda6 is easily better than rivals camry or accord or altima.

  15. Mazda 6 is going to launch soon…please patient

  16. the rear shape some what resembles some what with masserati. its just the point that hyundai could not copy it perfectly but mazda got one step closer than hyundai…..:p

  17. I saw this new Mazda 6 on my last travel. It’s stunning. In terms of style and shape it is way above new Camry and the new Altima.

  18. Do someone knows when it is launching here?

  19. saw mazda 6 yesterday, awesome design! driving one would make one look 1000 points more handsome. More importantly to me, fuel efficiency and acceleration are simply fantastic! 0-100km/hr @ about 8 sec,6+ li only / 100km. overall beats camry, accord, altima, sonata. And price, very competitive.

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