Runaway Saudi Toyota Land Cruiser story is a hoax

Runaway Saudi Toyota Land Cruiser story is a hoax

Remember that story that was circulating some time ago, about the driver of a current-generation Toyota Land Cruiser in Saudi Arabia who set his cruise control, and then the car supposedly kept accelerating by itself, setting off a series of events that ended up in the police escorting him at high speeds and eventually shooting out his rear window to shut down the car by triggering the immobiliser? Remember how stupidly fake it all sounded? That’s because it was fake.

The incident did happen in Dammam, with speeds reaching up to 170 kph before police were given the bright idea by some “expert” that shooting out the rear window to shut down the car. If that were possible, there would be no police chase shows on TV any more, but everybody bought that explanation at the time.

According to Almuraba, as much as we could figure out, it turns out an investigation proved the driver was lying for whatever reason, and for that he will be rewarded with 50 lashes and 3 month in prison.

Incidentally, a similar incident occurred in Abu Dhabi recently, and it was eventually revealed that the 4×4 in question was engine-modified and so his cruise control supposedly jammed. We wouldn’t be surprised if that turned out to be an elaborate prank too, although the story never gained traction in the local media.

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  1. a well deserved 50 lashes.
    if only uae police would also resort to lashes instead of silly fines and black points our roads would be so much better to drive on.

  2. And people started maligning Toyota believing in such fake stories!!

  3. The only in saudi moment when you would see a single digit plate on a GXR V6

  4. a similar story also happened in Sudan.
    some of passengers died.

  5. This story must be made up by Hyundai Fans to defame Toyota !

  6. i think you missed the point.
    it was not fake.
    it tells someone else claimed that his cruise got stuck and they found its a lie…
    its totally different story.

    those lashes are because of his fake call.

  7. So all these “cruise control stuck” people are trying to tell that if your cruise control is stuck, your gearbox is stuck as well so you can’t put it in “neutral” or press the clutch if you’re in a manual?? I’m not buying that

  8. Remember the faulty accelerator pedals in Toyota late last year?

    They couldn’t figure out how to stop the car either… I mean who would think of using the gears to stop a car…?


  9. all fakes! cars can do funny things if something goes wrong i can believe some of that, but they can be stopped easily too.

  10. That was all a big fat lie. First of all shooting the rear window does not turn off the cruise control and there was a test made on the same model land cruiser inwhich the video proves that breaking the rear window at high speeds does not turn the cruise control off, the video is available on youtube for all you people to see. That lier deserves 100 lashies and 6 months in preson.

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