Conquest Vehicles EVADE based on Knight XV revealed

Conquest Vehicles EVADE based on Knight XV revealed

If anyone remembers the image that once made rounds on the internet, where a Hummer H2 was shown parked beside an insanely huge armoured vehicle called the Knight XV, and made to look like a midget, then behold; what you see above is the unarmoured sibling of the Knight XV, called the EVADE.

Built by Conquest Vehicles Inc., a Toronto-based auto manufacturing company, the all-new Evade is built on a Ford F550 super heavy-duty chassis, and looks different from its armoured sibling with new headlights and taillights, narrower fender flares, a redesigned grille and hood scoop. The Evade will be offered as a four-wheel-drive, riding on front and rear air-suspensions, and will be available with a choice of petrol and diesel engines; there is no word on the engine specifications yet.

Featuring a newly-designed cockpit and cabin, with military-inspired designs and high-quality finish using premium-grade materials, the Evade will offer limousine-style seating, or two electronic executive-style reclining seats facing either a driver-partition or a retractable flat-screen television. Interior appointments in the EVADE include laptop trays, touch-screen technology for both driver and passengers, several sunroofs, and enough cabin space for a game of soccer. Some other interesting features include FLIR night-vision camera systems monitoring the front and rear of the vehicle, and a 360-degree roof-mounted joystick-controlled searchlights.

The Conquest Vehicles Evade is expected to hit the streets in the Western hemisphere by the end of this year, with a price tag hovering at an equivalent of around 2.1 million dirhams. Price tag aside and whether or not if the Evade makes it to the shores of the UAE and rest of the GCC, we can only imagine how much more the Evade, which dwarfs every other abnormally monstrous SUVs we have seen on the roads, can scare the crap out of owners of regular-sized vehicles.

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  1. Imagine how you would feel sitting in an escalade and then this thing bullies you out of the way 😛

  2. Well i guess some people will be ready when the zombie apocolypse comes.

  3. I’m surprised this isn’t coming to our shores given how well this personifies the image of Dubai and it’s excesses and of people trying to overcompensate by buying yacht sized vehicles

  4. Its size is equivalent to a 3 BHK apartment!!…

    Wonder what will the engine specs be to pull the truck size vehicle :)..

  5. WOW…Now we’re talking…This truck is the coolest I have ever seen, looks like something out of Transformers or something what Batman would drive, can’t wait to see it on the road in Dubai. Their website has all the vehicle specs, awesome machine!!!

  6. I really doubt this guy will be allowed on Dubai roads.

  7. Truth is there is already a car like this being built here in the UAE. And has for a few yrs now.

    Streit Group has been building armored cars here in the UAE for over 8yrs now.

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