Kia Sorento 2013 officially revealed

Kia Sorento 2013 officially revealed

The new 2013 Kia Sorento has been officially unveiled, and while it looks like a minor facelift, the Korean carmaker claims it is an all-new design with a completely new platform.

The new exterior offers an updated look with LED lights front and back, and options such as 19-inch alloy wheels and a glass panoramic roof. Inside, access is improved by the 100 mm lower ride height, and the cabin floor has also been lowered, increasing legroom by 30 mm in the 2nd row and 9 mm in the 3rd row. The interior can be trimmed in black or beige cloth or leather.

Premium options will include powered, heated and ventilated front seats, heated second-row seat cushions, a Bluetooth hands-free system, UV-reflecting solar glass, and air-conditioning for the third row seats.

A revised 190 hp 2.4-litre “GDI” engine with 242 Nm of torque is on offer in Europe and Korea, but GCC-spec models will likely continue with the less-powerful 174 hp 2.4-litre “MPI” engine, while a 276 hp 3.5-litre V6 is optional. Depending on market, there is a choice of 6-speed manual and automatic gearboxes, with front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive with ‘lock’ mode.

The steering, suspension, brakes and torsional rigidity have all been upgraded. The upgraded Sorento can be equipped with up to six airbags, electronic stability control, a reversing camera, HID headlights, hill-start assist control, blind spot detection, lane departure warning system and a smart parking assist system for automatic parallel parking. Of course, not all of these features will make it to cars that will come to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other GCC countries.

Expect the new model to debut in the Middle East by the end of the year.

Keep track of updates in the Kia Sorento buyer guide.

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  1. Minor cosmetic changes.However it’s a great alrounder

  2. perfect car for simple and happy families

  3. shitty car, same design again…

  4. some cars are just practical. i like it. when the need comes, i’ll buy this.

  5. And why do we get heated seats in GCC!!!!!

    • You must know that car companies deal with Middle East as one part, the majority of GCC have cold winter indeed, like KSA, Kuwait, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon …etc, so of course they would not make cars specifically for UAE and Qatar only !!!!

  6. It kind of loks like the outlander design from the behind

    • Good eye, the’ve actually copied the RDX design. These Kia designers are lazy and can’t do better than copying from their competitors.

  7. what makes the sorento a winner is its price. perfect car for start-up families.

  8. Yes coped, but good job. for me first Sorento was much better, frame chassis, real off-roader and strong design.

  9. For that price it’s a great deal, u have all what you want, cut the crap

  10. Kia WILL RULE THE MARKET JUST LIKE “GANGNAM STYLE” AND “SAMSUNG”!! I even have seen Dxb Cops driving Kia’s. What ever said.. I personally got into the Sorento and checked.. Its perfect. Its recommended for mobile DJ’s, Family’s. I have a Mazda CX9. I guess this one is far better. Planning of getting it on December…

  11. Hi Mash,

    Would you suggest buying a 2013 Sorento V6, compared to buying a 2012 Pathfinder for the family use, (no off roading). Purchase will be on loan for 5 years. What about the long term expenses and resale?

    Your advice is highly appreciated.


  12. Anyone driving Sorento 2012-2013, please let us know about its performance and most importantly its “RESALE VALUE”.

    I love Sorento in this price, but “Resale Value” does not seem to be very good.

    Please share views.


  13. I just contacted my Kia dealer in Dubai and they’re telling me they can’t supply a towing bracket for the Sorento, unbelievable as this is a Sports Utility Vehicle!

    Other than that, I love my Sorento, but not much use to me if I can’t tow with it!

  14. Buying this soon.. chosen over Santa Fe due to budget issue. I like santa fe but it’s price and specs does not suits mine while Sorento’s deal is much confortable to pay and by the way, you can get a V6 engine on a basic Sorento unit on the same price of a santa fe with 2.4 cc engine.

  15. TO All KIA Sorento model 2012 V6 AWD. Dont trust your Fuel Gauge. It will tell you 1/4 left but in actual fuel tank is already empty.
    Once you drop your car for servicing, service bills you for fuel pump, etc. But the only problem is you need to buy gasoline.
    Cost me wrecker service bill twice.
    Happy driving.


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