So we got a 2013 Volkswagen CC V6

So we got a 2013 Volkswagen CC V6

It’s the same, but different. If you remember, we drove around in a borrowed 2012 Volkswagen Passat CC for the better part of five months last winter. It was a great car. So great in fact, that we called it the best midsize sedan ever. And the 2013 builds on that excellent base.

The 2013 version is just a facelift of the one we had before, with new LED-encrusted front and rear ends. Externally, nothing else has changed. Even the wheels are the same, although an inch smaller here. But the “Passat” name has now been completely dropped.

There are more subtle differences inside. For one, the finicky buttons for the a/c fan speed has been changed to a simple knob. Sometimes, old-school is the right school. And our specific car seems to have nicer “Nappa” leather, even on the doors.

Also, there are now more hooks in the boot for grocery-bags.

Mechanically, the CC V6 remains the same, so it is still a 300 hp speedster with 4Motion all-wheel-drive and trick suspension. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. This car is quite a looker!!

    Can’t wait for the full review!!! 🙂

  2. The Car is a looker, super practical, loaded with comfort features and truly reliable. All this mated to a 3.6l V6 Motor and 4motion AWD system makes this a Brilliant Drive.

    A very underestimated car in the Gulf, my only snag with VW is the fact that the local dealer has just one Service Station to serve Dubai & the Northern Emirates, Ay Caramba!

  3. Hi Mash, this car is on my short list, but when I went to the dealer in Ramadan he said only the 2.0 4 cyl was available, so I got no idea about the pricing, and I read your long term review from last year but i wanted to ask if you faced any weird acts or failures by the car, the VW are notorious for having electrical issues, did you face any? frankly I’m confused about my next car too much but this time I’m taking my time to decide … hopefully with your help

    • Author

      The V6 will probably cost around 180k. My touchscreen turned off a couple of times in 5 months, fine after restarting the car. And for some reason, it came with a nav map, but no POIs were loaded. If I tried to enter POIs through some advanced setting, it used to crash. So I stopped trying. Other than that, nothing.

    • Hi Samer. The fully loaded 4 cylinder car sells for AED 150k. The base model with the 1.8 liter sells for AED 120k.

      I bought the fully loaded 2liter turbo engine with the DSG transmission (the V6 doesnt have DSG)and it truly is a great car.

      I have only done 1,000kms on it but until now nothing went wrong..touch on wood (yes that is real wood inside)

      The Nappa leather is very smooth and soft to touch and oozes quality.

      Anything that bugs me? Well the keyless key doesn’t transmit a strong signal. If the key is in my laptop bag I have to bring the bag very close to the door handle and only then will the door unlock. If the key is in my pocket then all is fine.

      I also wish the display would show the date (it only shows the time). On my 2006 Audi A4 it showed both.

      The ride in “Comfort” suspension setting is very smooth. The engine (2 liter turbo) is quite strong, I do plan to go for Stage 1 once I hit a couple of thousand kms (Stage 1 gives you 260hp, up from 210hp which comes standard).

      The “Premium bluetooth” option is very convenient. It reads out your SMS aloud, you can reply using the 6.5″ screen in the dashboard.

      Also the 8 speaker audio system is very good. It doesnt have a subwoofer, but there is plenty of bass. It can also play music off of 32gb SDHC cards. Also there is bluetooth audio streaming and you can even change the track from the steering wheel controls (even shows you the name of the track).

      All in all, quite a great car.

      Some pics of my car:

    • Thank you mohammad, I really appreciate your efforts. congrats for the new car, hope you enjoy it, as I said, I’m taking my time to buy this time because I bought too many cars so far and never liked any one, basically I want a rear wheel drive or an all wheel drive, I will wait few more months to see the new G37 and Lexus IS and how will they look like.

  4. Thank you Mash, I will wait the full review for this too, and also may discuss the matter with you if you hold DA meeting hopefully soon, on another side note, you may start thinking about moderating some comments, some are getting aggressive for no obvious reason, I may write some comments that may exaggerated to convey my message, but never been aggressive to anybody, when I say I hate or dont like this or that car, then it is my opinion and I’m free to express it, but not to swear on others, there is big difference

  5. Dear MASH
    This review doesn’t give any useful info about the car and its behaviour on the road.

  6. Dear Hassan

    Please read the last line

  7. i got the same color but the 1.8T , it’s enough actually for the fuel and the streets , we dont want to get any extra speed tickets ,one of the disadvantages is it gets so many women 😀 around you ,

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