Dubai Police starts white point system to reward motorists

Dubai Police starts white point system to reward motorists

Dubai Police have apparently launched a “white points” system in order to encourage motorists to follow traffic rules and regulations, and promote safe driving.

According to Gulf News, anyone with a valid UAE driving license issued from Dubai, as well as having one or more vehicles registered in Dubai, qualifies for the white points system.

In order to be eligible for the system, the driver has to maintain a clean record throughout the year, which also includes no fines on his or her license, no fines from other emirates, as well as no Salik fines on their registered vehicles.

The motorist can collect up 12 white points a year, which is one white point a month. At the end of each month the motorist is awarded a white point. However, if he commits a traffic violation, he loses the white point for that month.

If someone commits a traffic violation on a vehicle registered to someone else, both parties will be revoked of any white points for that month.

If the driver commits a serious violation which constitutes to 24 black points and cancellation of the driver’s license, he or she will not be eligible for obtaining white points for the entire year.

One of the benefits of the white points is it can used to cancel certain fines. Also, collecting white points for five consecutive years and getting no fines entitles the driver to be eligible for a raffle draw for a new car.

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  1. This is a good initiative, provided that it applies to all residents despite their nationalities

  2. This really encourages many people to abide the rules of the road. This system will definitely have a positive impact by increasing the level of order and decorum maintained in the traffic sector

  3. First of all, I want to thank you from Dubai Police in Dubai with best Idea in this matter and I hope we will see in future that Dubai is in the first stage of world from other country.

    Good luck

  4. Great motivation system and better than punishments

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