Dubai Police try out new cop cars

Dubai Police try out new cop cars

We were aware already that Dubai Police was trying out new patrol cars from various manufacturers, but it looks like they’re getting serious about it. They’ve released a photo, showing the 2012 Dodge Charger in a variation of the Dubai Police livery. In the background, we can spot a BMW 5-Series, a Toyota Prado and a Ford Explorer. Further photos show a Ford Taurus and a Dodge Durango in police markings as well.

We first heard of the Dodge Charger police car being pitched to the Dubai Police last winter, at a Chrysler event. Looks like it is finally being evaluated.

We already got a preview of the Ford “Explorer” Police Interceptor Utility and the Ford “Taurus” Police Interceptor Sedan earlier this year at an event in Yas Marina.

One of our readers spotted the BMW 5-Series while being transported on a flat-bed truck, likely headed for evaluation at the time.

The Toyota Prado police cars are already in service, alongside Nissan Xterra and Kia Mohave patrol vehicles.

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  1. the livery on the dodge charger looks cool

  2. The Charger looks cooler and more aggressive than Ford or BMW, truely a law enforcement patrol car, imagine one of these behind you 🙂

  3. I saw the new BMW 5 series as a cop car on the road recently

  4. here in oman , they (cops) have had these 2012 chargers for sometime now… also new additions include E300s…

  5. What happened to these Dubai Police cars? None of them are seen on the roads anymore. Is it due to high maintenance? 😛

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