So we got a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO

So we got a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO

We never took the Ford Taurus SHO seriously. The Taurus is a big heavy car, just like the Chrysler 300C. Even a Hemi couldn’t speed up the latter, so we didn’t expect a boosted V6 to do much for the SHO-piece. Boy, were we wrong.

But first, a quick walkaround. We honestly won’t be able to spot a SHO in public at a quick glance. Compared to a regular Taurus, the SHO has a mesh grille, dual exhaust tips, SHO badges and standard 20-inch wheels.

The interior is purely stock Taurus, but with unique seats thrown in. While we found the cabin snug for a full-size car, it fits the character of the SHO a whole lot more. Very nicely trimmed in soft-touch padding all over as well. No navigation though, although there is a very complex fingerprint-loving touchscreen computer in place.

The boot is fairly big. There is a full-size spare tyre underneath that floor, but of a different 19-inch size for some reason.

The real kicker is the way that “EcoBoost” engine and all-wheel-drive make this car move like a turbocharged hot hatch, to a point at least. More in the full review.

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  1. I checked this car the other day (In the showroom), it looks promising with good interior materials but the fit and finish is not good, some edges and non aligned parts spoil it inside, so it fell from my (long shortlist) ….

  2. does it lead the g37 performance wise?

    • Author

      It’s quicker than a already-quick G35 we tested. But the last G37 Coupe we tested wasn’t performing as expected, so I don’t know.

  3. how about getting a ford fusion 2013 now and a ford focus 2013 if you dont have one already

  4. you should truly try ford fusion 2013 it is the bang for the buck!

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