Carlsson launches Mercedes ML-based CML35

Carlsson launches Mercedes ML-based CML35

Carlsson Autotechnik, a German car tuning manufacturer specializing in Mercedes-Benz cars, has just introduced their Mercedes-Benz ML-based SUV, calling it the Carlsson CML35.

The Carlsson-treated Mercedes ML features a special Carlsson body kit alongside the custom headlamp units with LED Daytime running lights and grille inserts, and packs 310 hp and 700 Nm of torque under the hood. The vehicle features a C-Tronic system, which can adjust the engine power to suit various demanding conditions, and also boasts an advanced suspension system that can be managed through a free mobile application exclusively available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and the iPod devices.

The interior of the CML35 include door-sills with illuminated Carlsson logo, door locking pins, Carlsson aluminium pedal covers, and optional freely configurable Carlsson leather/Alcantara appointments alongside the diverse range of carbon and wood trims, all available in virtually any colour the customer wishes to have.

The Carlsson CML35 will go on sale early next month, and will be priced at an equivalent of about Dhs 332,000 in Europe.

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  1. 310 hp do u think that can be called a power ?

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