Dubai Police impounds 80 vehicles in one week

Dubai Police impounds 80 vehicles in one week

Within just one week, the Dubai Police impounded 80 vehicles for violating traffic rules, apparently all within the Bur Dubai area. More than half of these cars were confiscated for expired registrations, while another car owner who bagged fines worth Dhs 154,415 also had his car taken away. Surprisingly, the latter vehicle owner never showed up to address his hefty fine issue.

There’s more. According to Emirates247, ten cars were seized for reckless driving, while six others got taken away for making “loud” noises. Another car owner also lost his vehicle to the police for heavy tinting. Another driver was recently caught using a police-style siren in his car to make other motorist give him way. That dope’s car was also impounded.

Back in August, police across Dubai and Abu Dhabi also impounded cars with disfigured number plates. According to police officials, motorists use “imperfect” number plates as a tricky scheme to safely sneak past speed cameras and avoid getting fined.

Recently, on September 22nd, in an attempt to make a ‘greener tomorrow’, the UAE celebrated ‘World Car-Free Day’, where motorists would give up their cars for a day and use alternate means of transport for commuting. Ironically, although vehicles that were confiscated by the Bur Dubai police were for genuine traffic violations, the activity may just help Dubai boost its ‘go-green’ drive, because otherwise there was no visible reduction in cars on the road that day.

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  1. It’s always great to have less cars on the road.

  2. good riddence to bad rubbish… the less of them the better

  3. we need to respect traffic laws always

  4. That’s a pleasant thing to hear.Here in Saudi Arabia,it’s a challenge that you try to drive without breaking the law,especially if you have a short temper.Those idiots,they really don’t value their life.

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