2013-2014 Mazda 3 photos leaked

2013-2014 Mazda 3 photos leaked

Some detailed computer-generated images of what seems to be the all-new Mazda 3 have cropped up on the internet, well ahead of its debut sometime in 2013.

British magazine AutoExpress claims they got these “leaked” photos from Mazda UK. What we get to see in the images, is the “Zoom-Zoom” manufacturer’s latest creation based on their “Kodo” styling concept hat first showed up on the new Mazda 6. Although little is known about the upcoming 2013-2014 Mazda 3 at this point, the leaked pictures suggest the availability of this compact car in both hatchback and sedan variants, whilst featuring Mazda’s latest SkyActiv technology. There is no word on the powertrain choices either.

These digital sketches may not be the “exact” depiction of the real thing yet to come, nevertheless, they do reveal some serious plot Mazda’s design engineers have developed on their drawing boards, which indeed hints at some interesting Mazda vehicles in the future.

What do you think?



  1. As long as they retire that ageing 1.6L engine and they’ve got a winner on their hands.

  2. reminds me a lot of the infiniti FX, esp. from the back.

    overall a very sharp looking design.

  3. looks perfect car.. I also heard that new powertrain will be 2.0L skyactiv in Mazda 3 ..

  4. The hatchback looks like Infiniti EX/FX for sure… the front the same but with an opened mouth 😀

    wonder how the new CX7/9 will look like after the new kodo design language applied to them

  5. but unfortunalty for some obscure reason GCC with get the smallest engine with least safety! 🙁 same case with most car companies

    it will come with cheep hubcabps 1.3 with LADA grade plastics and 2 airbags if lucky and priced at 55000+! want proper wheels auto tranny and a better car shell out 10K LOL

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