Red Bull Car Park Drift regional finals in Jordan

Red Bull Car Park Drift regional finals in Jordan

The Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Finals are headed to Jordan this year. Twelve drivers hailing from eight different Arab countries will be competing against each other for the ‘Regional King of Drift’ title on October 19th, 2012.

Local Arab rally star Abdo Feghali will again design the special track where the drivers will have to demonstrate their drifting skills. Criteria for the judges to score points will be based mainly on the participants’ skills on the art of drift. Additional points will be given for the look of the car, the engine note, the amount of smoke generated from the tires and the audience reaction.

For sure the three Jordanian drivers in this year’s event will get the loudest cheers. Also in the Finals will be three drivers from Saudi Arabia, and one representative each from Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon and Oman. Emirati driver Ahmed Al Ameri will be representing the UAE.

Along with Feghali, this year’s five judges include Mike Whiddett, better known as ‘Mad Mike’ who was also part of the jury panel in last year’s Regional Finals in Beirut. The New Zealander, who started his career in drifting in 2006, holds several titles, including first place at the Formula D drift in Thailand in 2009.

Another member of the jury panel will be experienced Middle East rally driver, Mamdouh Khayyat who has been in the motorsports scene for eighteen years. His most notable achievements include winning the FIA Middle East Rally Championship and in 2009, being crowned the title of Saudi Arabian Most Famous Rally driver.

Sherin Rifai, founder of fashion magazine U, will be one of the judges. Also judging will be Ihab Al Batee of Jordan Motorsport, who has played a strong part in the development of motorsport events in his country.

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