Land Rover Defender stunt rig in Bond movie Skyfall

Land Rover Defender stunt rig in Bond movie Skyfall

It’s interesting to see how far car scenes have movies have progressed over the years. Many of you might have seen the new James Bond movie Skyfall already, and would’ve noticed the blatant Jaguar-Land Rover product-placements in there. You also would’ve seen this Land Rover Defender in the movie, but without that huge rig on top. So what is that on the roof?

It’s a new type of rig that’s been in use over the last few years for movie car-chase scenes. That rig on top has a fully-functional steering and pedal setup so that the car can be driven by a stunt driver from the roof! This is done simply to film the actor in the driver’s seat while he acts like he is driving hard and making the right faces. It isn’t even the same car that is used for external shots, as can be noticed by the funny wheels.

We haven’t seen the movie yet, but let us know if it is actually worth seeing.

What do you think?



  1. Hi the movie is definitely a watch. I’d say for the high speed bike and car chase scenes in the first phase of the movie. JLR definitely missed a trick by not placing the F-type and the new range rover though in the movie which I’m sure would have added a lot of marketing value. Good job though

  2. Sad ending! Not worth to watch…
    But I liked how grandmother of the bad guy or so terminated the rats in her island.

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