Tour of world's largest Bentley workshop in Dubai

Tour of world’s largest Bentley workshop in Dubai

It’s not often that we get invited to Bentley’s events, but this was probably the most interesting one yet. We were given a tour of Bentley’s service workshop in Dubai, run by Al Habtoor Motors, the UAE dealer for the British brand. This 189,000 square-feet site in the middle of nowhere also happens to be the largest Bentley workshop in the world. They also opened a new dealership in Abu Dhabi, displaying the one-off Bentley EXP-9F 4×4 concept there as well.

They say the huge air-conditioned facility is exclusively for Bentley, although we saw the odd Bugatti, Aston Martin and McLaren lurking around, those also handled by the same dealer. With a hotel-like reception, clean garage floors, classic-car restoration service, casual showroom and abundant air-conditioned workspace, it’s hard to believe that this is the same dealer that also handles Mitsubishi.

As for the Bentley EXP-9F, it is headed for production as they already have a few hundred orders from this region, but there will be some changes to the design. The concept has rightfully suffered a horrendous reception from the media, although it does look imposing in person, and boasts an awesome interior.

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  1. quick question : y are there bugatti’s in a bentley workshop?

  2. Amazing,loved the album.

  3. better and “cleaner” than some hospitals in the region! 🙂

  4. By the way how expensive is too maintian a bentaly?

  5. Hello Mushfique,

    Wonder if I can have your so we can talk about a Bentley Centenary event taking place on 13 Dec2019.


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