Long-term update: 2009 Renault Safrane gets Farba Guard detailing

Long-term update: 2009 Renault Safrane gets Farba Guard detailing

Our Renault Safrane continues to chug along without issues since the last service. It’s been several months now since we asked for some prematurely-worn interior panels to be changed under warranty, but it finally looks like it will get done this week as the parts have arrived from Mars. Anyway, last month we gave the car in for an exterior detailing at Farba Guard.

Our Gangnam Style star’s paint was getting a bit dull from standing in the sun daily as well as being washed by a street dude. Also, there were some minor white patches on the lower doors, which we ourselves caused by using a supermarket scratch-removing liquid to remove some small scratches left by some moron. The liquid removed the scratches all right, and a whole lot more! It created a patchwork of white micro-scratches, as seen here.

After the detailing, the paint is shiny again, the engine is spotless, the headlights aren’t foggy any more, and the white patches are gone. The car looks almost brand new now, except for those bits where the paint has come off, which can only be fixed by a touch-up paintjob. Farba Guard does not do that themselves, but they refer you to a partner garage if anyone asks for it. We’re leaving the paint chips as is for now, since they aren’t too noticeable.

We are partnering up with Farba Guard to offer discounts for DriveArabia MyRide members from time to time. Stay tuned for updates.

Original Mileage When Bought: 110 km
Latest Mileage To Date: 33,500 km
Latest Average Fuel Economy: 8.5 litres/100 km
Cost of Latest Problems: Dhs 0
Cost of Latest Maintenance: Dhs 908

Total Non-Fuel Running Cost Since Bought: Dhs 2093

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  1. Hey Mash,

    Are there any current offers of DriveArabia forum members from Fabra Guard?
    Keep up the great job you doing!! Glad to read your posts about local automotive scene.

  2. Author

    Soon, o’ little one. Very soon.

  3. so how much did it cost u?

    AED 908?

    • Author

      We get it done for free. That’s our deal with Farba Guard. We make no money out of the 60% off deal that’s coming up for readers.

  4. did the detailing remove all the swirl marks? do you have any more before after shots? preferably shots under the sun where swirl marks cannot hide

    do they use meguiars products?
    Im very interested, waiting for the 60% off as right now their normal rates are around 1000 aed approx for full interior + exterior detailing.

    hope with the 60% off their quality will not go down, unlike those cobone “offers” where garages just concentrate on quantity over quality.

    any chance of the drivearabia offers coming before christmas?

    • Author

      Already did a review of their service a year ago, and there is another review by Faisal Khatib. You can search for them, as there wasn’t any point reviewing it again. And yes, you can expect an offer by the end of this month. If you have issues with the quality of work, you can always go back to them or write a review here, so don’t worry on that front.

  5. any updates regarding this offer? when will it be available?

  6. Mash, our car’s are stuck with dirt after the rain 😀

    avail us the offer soon 🙂

  7. yes we want to know about discount!!!..


  8. yeah when will the discounts come?
    need to give car a early Christmas treat

  9. any idea on how much longer do we have to stay tuned?

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