So we got a 2013 Fisker Karma ES

So we got a 2013 Fisker Karma ES

Ah, the Fisker Karma, quite possibly the most interesting car we’ll ever drive, until electric cars become commonplace here. We snagged a second round with the Fisker Karma for about half a day. While we’d already driven the car in a controlled event, this time we got to really drive it.

This is probably as close as you can get to McLaren-grade attention-seeking with a four-door car. It looks seriously exotic, as befitting its price tag, although it actually costs no more than a well-specced Porsche Panamera.

Aside from attractiveness, there’s another thing that the Panamera doesn’t have, and that’s this big wall plug to charge your car with.

We’ve got our own performance figures too, so you know exactly how it manages UAE climate, although admittedly today the weather was great. And as usual, we’ve got lots of photos, shot by Faisal “Chunky” Khatib of course. Full story coming soon.

What do you think?



  1. absolutely stunning and great for the environment relatively speaking)!!!!!!!!!

    very well done

  2. Check out “Two and a Half men” in star-world. This is walden’s car. Great to see in that serial.

  3. I saw a fisker in Al khail road yesterday.It was rear ended ,there was a total of 4 cars ,but fisker didnt seem to have much damage.

  4. I don’t quite get it how we perceive electric cars as environment friendly. Isn’t electricity power generation based on burning something at the end of the day? What’s the difference between burning in the car or in the electricity generator?

    Plus, I worked on a marketing event for the launch of this car in Dubai and I had to go through all its pros and cons. This car is the heaviest in its category. Also it consumes fuel more than a Toyota Corolla although it’s hybrid!

    Open your eyes, people. Environment friendliness in car industry is just a marketing statement. And the only way to save environment is to REDUCE consumption, not to fool ourselves by producing more expensive, more sophisticated machines that -in the large scheme- need more energy to run.

  5. Hey I think I saw this card parked outside the kerb on al Khail road. Probably needed a quick charge and was looking for the nearest power socket.

  6. Fouad: the car runs on backup petrol so unless the driver was silly enough not to fill up, your point is moot.
    Lee M: the point is to be environmentally friendly in the future and with the clean energy methods that the UAE is investing in currently like nuclear power and PV tech, we should be able to have totally carbon neutral energy. There is no such scope with gas guzzlers.

    • Nope…what he is saying is even for backup petrol, you need to have petrol. 2nd to charge the car you would need electricity, I think in UAE, right now we use diesel / gas to power the turbines, basically one or the other form of energy is required to create another one.

      Of course new tech is appreciated. Nuclear energy is yet to come in UAE, secondly, I think, you must not have forgotten what happened in Japan days back. So nothing comes without side effects.

      Something like solar energy powered cars are real energy savers, but I am not sure (what about countries which doesn’t get amount of direct light like we get in UAE), how the growling v8 lovers would like characterless slow cars (common man electric cars to come soon), not everyone, in fact, few would be able to buy such cars (FK), we here are struggling to see couple of volts/leafs in UAE to be accepted by people and infrastructure to be setup.

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