Mini Cooper 5-door coming for 2014

Mini Cooper 5-door coming for 2014

There was a time when the “new” BMW-designed Mini was only available as a 3-door hatchback and a convertible. Then, just like every other premium automaker with a penchant for profits, Mini started to expand the line-up and dilute its brand equity with models like the Countryman. Now there’s a new 5-door model joining the range when the redesigned 2014 Mini arrives next year, to succeed where the Clubman failed.

According to Auto Express, the new 5-door model will be slightly longer than the 3-door, for better legroom and boot space.

Power outputs won’t change, ranging from 122 hp to 200 hp, but they’ll all apparently be 3-cylinder engines now, for better fuel economy.

Once the 5-door hatchback is launched, Mini will supposedly expand the model line-up even further, with everything from a saloon to a 7-seater version of the Countryman, alongside the upcoming Paceman and existing models such as the Coupe and the Clubman.

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  1. It wont be a “Mini” any more.. Will loose its originality.

  2. Practicality matters now.

  3. Just adding +2 doors wont help. They would need to add more space in the rear which at the moment is cramped as heck and can only snuggle in 2 shopping bags. This FWD Car is by far the most impractical thing to hit the auto market, only selling well owing to its “aawww, so cute” factor with the ladies.

    Wonder if the ’14 JCW version will also come in 3 cylinders, that would be a bummer, me thinks.

  4. JCW is going to be coming in Automatic tran! Can’t wait for that!!:D

    Ohh and 4 door or 2 door, this car is still WOW! (The S models of course) 🙂

  5. I wonder why we would wait for something we would never buy!!

  6. What next ,wood trim on the sides,seating for 6 or 8?????Call it something ,but please don’t call it a MINI!

  7. If they make a 5 door, then they need to make a smaller mini. Be true to mini’s roots. The rocketman is a rummer at this point, if they don’t build it they need to build in that size range. I want a small car and the mini’s are getting too big.

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