RTA reintroduces Salik toll charges for Dubai taxis

RTA reintroduces Salik toll charges for Dubai taxis

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced that they will be reapplying the rule of charging taxi passengers toll-gate fees from the middle of January 2013.

Passengers can opt to go through an alternative route to avoid the Salik toll charges. RTA says the move aims to reduce traffic on busy roads such as the Sheikh Zayed Road highway. It is also to encourage people to use alternative modes of transport such as the Dubai Metro.

Toll charges were applied when Salik was first introduced. However, many complaints were lodged by taxi passengers as the Salik charges were applied manually by the drivers, which led to confusion. Hence, it was scrapped at that time. However the new system will automatically add the additional Dhs 4 charge whenever the taxi passes through a Salik toll-gate.

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  1. So if there is no passenger in the taxi, the taxi driver has to pay for the toll from his pocket?

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