Last Lexus LFA built as production ends

Last Lexus LFA built as production ends

The 500th Lexus LFA was built this Friday, and it was the last one, as production has ended for the overpriced supercar in Japan.

The last car is a white Nurburgring edition that had 11 horses extra and a few more carbon-fibre bits for an additional US$ 70,000 over the US$ 375,000 price of the standard 552 hp car, going by prices in the States.

We hear maybe 7 or 8 LFA models of various types made it to the UAE, probably priced close to Dhs 1.5 million and sold only by invitation, To put it in perspective, you could buy more than three Nissan GT-Rs or almost two McLaren MP4-12Cs for the same price, both offering similar performance, so there’s no need to mourn.

For specs, visit the Lexus LFA buyer guide.

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  1. Absolutely agree with ur last sentence!

  2. As if it was a successful….

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