Nissan 370Z 2013 facelift UAE/GCC price cut by 30%

Nissan 370Z 2013 facelift UAE/GCC price cut by 30%

Nissan turned the sports-car world upside-down with the 350Z a decade ago. Affordable, powerful and stunningly styled, the reborn Z was very popular, and could be found on every street corner of the UAE. And then the 370Z came out a few years ago, a smaller much-better car, and priced as much as a Porsche Boxster in this region. When was the last time you saw a 370Z on the road? However, Nissan has taken the initiative and cut the price down for the facelifted 2013 version — by 30%!

The 2013 Nissan 370Z, which comes with a 328 hp 3.7-litre V6, rear-wheel-drive and a choice of 6-speed rev-matching manual or 7-speed paddle-shifting automatic, now has a starting price of Dhs 139,000 in the UAE. That’s the price for the base manual, as suggested by Nissan Middle East, so the local dealers could still tack a mark-up on top of that. However, this brings the price to a level closer to that of the old 350Z, and a far cry from the ridiculous Dhs 200,000 that they were charging thus far.

We’d be ignorant if we didn’t mention the Toyota 86 here, a car that is nowhere near the league of the 370Z, but the local Toyota dealer proved that a sports car could still be a success if it were priced within reach of actual enthusiasts rather than just jacking it up into the realm of rich boy’s toys.

Keep track of further updates in the Nissan 370Z buyer guide.

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  1. Just got the specs for the AED 139k base model. Includes the Bose audio system with bluetooth, power seats for passenger and driver, keyless system, 7 speed auto transmission. 5 years warranty and two free services (1000km and 5000km).

    Next up is the spec that adds the outdated navigation system for AED 147 (that is all that is added).

    IMO the “base” model is quite a bargain! Really tempting!

  2. I wonder why all cars websites and writers keep pushing the 86 in any comparo? the other day also I watched a video about hot hatches which included GTI, Focus ST, and some other car i dont remember, and suddenly at the end of the video they brought the 86 in, frankly …… what????? these are hot hatches that either have front or all wheel drive, what brought the 86 in here? we know it is nice car and we understood that (after thousands of reviews) but enough talking about it ……. now we are reviewing trucks for those who have farms and need work horses, so should you go to the F150, or Dodge Ram? maybe you like to consider the 86 because it is nice car and handles good????!!!!!

  3. Any idea what the Automatic costs?

    • Author

      Going by what we know so far, the manual and auto cost the same. The dealer probably won’t stock any manuals anyway.

  4. But the new z car comes out at the end of this year!

  5. We’d be ignorant if we didn’t mention the Toyota 86 here, a car that is nowhere near the league of the 370Z.

    Pfft. More like the other way around. But an adjective like Ignorant does sum up the writer very well. Watch n learn from someone who does know cars.

    • Author

      Oh noes! Armchair racers armed with Youtube knowledge! They’re everywhere!

    • Come back on the ground, Yadev !! you’re not exactly micheal schumacher to call people names just becoz they have a different opinion, and even the great man himself wouldnt, which is what makes people like him great.

    • LOL !! MHC, you actually edited my comment and added ‘Yadev’ in it. It was addressed to you, Yadev, but that doesnt justify name calling!!

    • HAHAHAHA, this site is just hilarious and awesome.

  6. frankly and honestly, stop belittling people through using words like “armchair racers”, “wanna bes” and … etc, there are many people who know much about cars and “driving” not only cars “coz maybe you will argue that they only know info”, but they dont drive fancy, or sporty cars for many reasons that are not our concern, some people got married and have families now and sports cars dont fit them, but that doesnt mean they dont know how to drive or know nothing about cars, some simply now dont have enough money for them, and previously they had, or there are thousands of other reasons but that doesnt give the right to any person to call them wanna bes coz on that base, everybody will keep belittling others, if i drive a Ferrari then I will look at the Porsche driver and say “hah .. wanna be” and if I’m driving 911, I will look at the boxter driver and say “hah wanna be”, and if I drive boxter, i will look at the 86 driver and say “hah wanna be” ok, then what? you know what, we know nothing about cars, we left all knowledge for you guys

    • Author

      Actually, the other guy was linking to a Chris Harris video as “proof”. I removed the link, because too many links make a mess of SEO. I still do not care for armchair racers.

    • Who said proof? The post says, watch n learn. I suppose someone must have read it, watch n burn. My mistake. But learning could mean anything. Like manners. Like something isn’t leagues above another.

      The link was clearly removed to hold your side of the argument stronger; yet it was only posted to prove that claim of ‘another league’ is false. Simple as that.

    • Author

      We’re done here. Further pointless arguments will be deleted.

    • So I am a sucker who hides behind an anonymous name. So what?

  7. no one is perfect in knowledge no one is un biased
    no one should call any body armchair racer or vice verca

    like the famous saying “one mans garbage is another mans treasure”

    people who claim that only top brands or vice versa are the bech mark are right and wrong at same time

    like beauty is in the eye of beholder

    one man might enjoy driving a suzuki swift as much as one driving a prochse 911

    neither one can say theirs is better even though the opinion will side with 911

    as if ur happy with what you have it dosent matter if what u have ia worth a dime or diamond

    matter is you like it and for u it be the best thing out there this i believe is more subjective than objective

    so all need to chill and keep loving and keep on rocking your own opinion

    • Author

      Not sure why this is coming up here. My first car was a 1990 Mercedes for Dhs 13,000. My Supra cost Dhs 5,000. Our writer Vivek has more fun than most with his Pajero offroad. Money or brand is irrelevant for enthusiasts.

    • Speaking of which, I once read of an article by Jeremy Clarkson in which he said that a £50 Ford Fiesta from the 80’s which his daughter bought with her pocket money was the best car he’s driven in recent years.

  8. Mash, I apologize for offending you, I was not standing or agreeing with yadev in his first post, but I wanted to draw your attention for the issue of prejudging people coz its not right, once in one of articles you said “media city wanna bes” and frankly speaking and because I consider you a friend I tell you that I felt that phrase was specially addressed to me

    • Author

      Considering I didn’t even know you were based in Media City, I think you are agreeing that you fit the stereotype if you got offended! My ad marketing team works out of TECOM, and the online head of owns my Jeep, which is worth only a fraction of what he makes in a month. An old Jeep is far from what the usual show-offs drive there. Stereotypes were never meant to include everyone.

  9. Finally a realistic price tag for such a car.
    The 86 is justified for a reason. If you think of enjoying a sports car that is light on the wallet then yes, a base model is good.

    Otherwise if you want a proper race car then this 370Z is now a very reasonable pick for AED 15K extra over the top range 86 model.

    And this mine is bigger than yours mentality you guys are arguing about is pretty gay.

  10. Still the mustang gt is cheaper, and it can beat the 370z in every single detail in case of performance, handling and practicing .

    • I disagree.

      Mustang is definitely not a better handler.

      Also, Mustang is big and I am sure thirstier than the Z. Also, looks are also subjective. I find the Z more good looking than a Mustang. You might have a different opinion.

      The only thing is that Z is two if you have to haul your friends around, Z is not practical.

      Z can do 0-60 in what around 5 – 5.5 seconds, Mustang can only do that on a straight road…

    • Well lemmy, It’s all about personal preference. Some prefer the muscle and the looks of the Mustang (I’d say most does in this region). If you are comparing, it should be with the genesis or the 86.

    • i like both the cars, 370 is what i love and genesis is what i would buy.. if 370 had a rear seat even if useless, it would have been awesome coz no matter what a 3rd passenger alway pops up every now and thn. While 86 is actually out of league if compared to both the cars (as i wont go on tracks). other then being a toyota with solid resale.

    • I never liked the Genesis coupe at least after driving the one sold here..

      Yes for a car maker that never built sports cars its a great job but what took others 40 years to learn and achieve cannot be really rushed in 10 years..

      The Gencoupe is a great car but the current V6 model here is not that punchy, car feels heavy and I just hated the 8 speed automatic. There is a lack of feel in it.

    • Genesis interior is lacking in quality feel.
      Nissan 370 Z can be improved and I hope they keep the price low…around 150 mark…than it will be worth it…

      Mustang I feel is badly built..U can feel that when you sit in a Mustang…

  11. I was about to buy a 2010 model couple of months back for 140k!!! I am so glad I got out of that one!!! 🙂

  12. guys can we all just grow up and move on? why are we so touchy about this? This is only a sign of not being secure with ourselves, and seeking validation from outside.

    Now, someone said something about a new Z car? Any more details?

  13. 1. arguing on the internet is pointless
    2. 370z vs toyota 86 vs mustang is also a waste of time as the fanbobys for each car will try to hate on the other car.
    3. lets just agree all are good cars and move on

    so price of the 370z has been reduced to sell their existing stock to make way for new model next year?

  14. pfft…arm chair racer noobs… Honda Accord best coupe ever…. BURN!!!!

  15. 139k for a 370z is a pretty good deal. I guess Nissan finally realized that the numbers sold was just not enough compared to what they achieved with the 350z. The 350z was selling for around 145-150k here in dubai and came in only one trim level except you could choose between a manual or an auto.

  16. Smart move by Nissan,370z should bounce back, It would be interesting to watch though. Other manufacturers would also be watching and may follow Nissan in crashing the prices.

    • Actually the Nissan Z was overly priced from the first place nearing the 200K range.. So other car makers wont give two craps cuz while this car was rusting on the showroom floor cuz nobody found a reason to dump AED 180K+; the other dealers probably crossed the point of breaking even.

  17. All cars are stuipidly overpriced here, we understand that economy is good here and people would buy, but there should be some side regulating the greed of dealers, two days ago I was checking for a big family car, the new Avalon and new Rav4 are on my shopping list, both released in the US but not yet here, i checked the prices in the US, Avalon fully loaded limited (137000 in dirhams) and Rav4 limited fully loaded (106000 dhs) while now in the dealer here the are selling Avalon (old one) at 149000 and the Rav4 (again the old one) at 119000 dhs ….. what???!!!

    • Same applies for consumer electronics or garments..

      But this country has a small population, land and property is expensive and the demand is not as huge as other markets that contain much larger economies and populations.

      Thats one justification to hike the price by some 10-30%.. Though the Z was unfairly priced..

  18. How does the hyundai genesis fare with this?

  19. If you think Toyota n nissans r overpriced, please don’t even compare BMW prices usa vs uae, you will get a cardiac arrest lol.

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