Special Offer: Farba Guard detailing / tinting / paint protection at huge discount

Special Offer: Farba Guard detailing / tinting / paint protection at huge discount

In partnership with Farba Guard, we’re offering our readers an entire suite of services for your car at 40% to 60% off. Farba Guard now offers window tinting and paint protection alongside full detailing, so you can either avail of one, two or all three services at a discount!

  • Take your car for a Sparkle luxury detailing package, including 6-step paint polishing, interior cleaning, engine detailing and headlight polishing, at Farba Guard, worth Dhs 550, for only Dhs 330. That’s a full 40% discount. SUVs, 4x4s and crossovers will be charged Dhs 60 extra. A pick-up/drop-off service is available for Dhs 75 extra.
  • Take your car for a Sparkle Plus luxury detailing package, that includes the above as well as a Teflon-coating step, at Farba Guard, worth Dhs 850, for only Dhs 510. That’s again a full 40% discount. SUVs, 4x4s and crossovers will be charged Dhs 90 extra. A pick-up/drop-off service is available for Dhs 75 extra. Be sure to discuss first what extras the Plus package can do, and if you want it.
  • If your car has minor damage, you can even get your car’s body panels fixed at a discounted price through a Farba Guard partner garage. Prices start at Dhs 350 for a metal panel or Dhs 400 for a bumper, but the car needs to be shown first for an exact quote. You can even send in photos of the damage to them for an estimate. Call first.
  • Farba Guard now offers premium O3 window-tinting for your car or 4×4. You will get a 60% discount on the original prices quoted below:
      The basic NR Series tint costs Dhs 850 for a small car or Dhs 950 for a big car before discount, with a 2-year warranty.
      The mid-range HP Series tint costs Dhs 1300 and Dhs 1400 for small and big cars respectively before discount, with a 5-year warranty.
      The top Ice Cool Series tint costs Dhs 2400 and Dhs 2600 for small and big cars respectively before discount, with a 7-year warranty.
      Clear front windshield tint costs an extra Dhs 600 for NR/HP Series or Dhs 700 for Ice Cool Series film before discount.
  • Nanotechnology paint protection is offered at a 40% discount. The discounted prices are Dhs 720 for small/medium cars and Dhs 900 for large/4×4 cars. This includes a full exterior/interior detailing. The paint-protection coating comes with a limited 3-year warranty, but a “revalidation” is required after one-and-a-half years, where it is mildly reapplied again to keep the coating thick, which will cost a discounted Dhs 250 at that time. Paint-protection is only recommended for newer cars with undamaged paint.

To avail of this offer, all you have to do is be a member of DriveArabia.com’s MyRide forums (click here to sign up). All UAE members who’ve signed up on or before the 25th of January, 2013 will be eligible for this offer.

Call Farba Guard on 04-3403434 to make an appointment after the 25th this month. Bookings will be taken only after the 25th of January, 2013. You have to quote your forum username and email address to get this offer.

You will have six months to use this offer, as long as you’ve signed up before the 25th of January, 2013. You may use the offer only once. Open only to residents of the UAE.

The working hours are weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm, located in Al Quoz 3, Dubai, near Times Square Mall.

T: 04-3403434
E: [email protected]
W: http://www.farbaguard.com

Click here for details and a location map

Click here for a review of the Farba Guard service

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  1. Author

    P.S. DriveArabia.com does not financially benefit from this offer. It is only for the benefit of our regular readers.

  2. Great Mash now that’s awesome thanks 🙂 btw can we include two cars ? And do they accept visa cards ?

    • Author

      I believe they accept credit cards now. Once you do one car, you can ask the owner Mohsin if he’ll let you do another car under the offer.

  3. thanks a bunch, been waiting for this for quite sometime now.
    so each forum username gets to do one car eh? 😉

  4. thanks for sharing

  5. Been waiting for this one. I just want a paint protection with no detailing. Do you provide that at a discount rate?

    • Author

      Paint protection requires detailing to remove existing dirt.

    • I know, I meant the paint protection and the work required on the outside. The packages include the interior/engine detailing that I don’t really need. I’m interested in the paint protection only if possible.

    • Author

      Technically, even the interior detailing isn’t included in the original price for paint protection (as originally it would’ve been a simple vacuuming), but I asked them to include it. There is no further discount if your car is already clean.

  6. thats very good of farba guard .. btw what about people who have registered a long time ago ? , do i have to sign up again to be egligble for the offer or shall i just refer to you guys when i go there?

  7. eligible* typo 😀 and by (refering) i meant giving them my username and email adress :p

  8. I want to register four more usernames for four of my imaginary cousins who live with me…cool yea?!

  9. Mash, pls try and get such offers in Bahrain as well. A big request

  10. Has anyone tried the detailing offer recently?

    sparkle plus?

    • I had bought one of those vouchers for around 300 dirhams and was quite satisfied with their job.

      I am trying to get a hold of them to make an appointment but nobody seems to be answering their phone…which most probably means that their service is now starting to suck.

    • Author

      One receptionist. And owner should be back from holiday in a couple of weeks. Will bring this up. How many times did you try calling?

    • More than 3 times, on different days at different timings (of course not at midnight :))

  11. Is it possible to still avail these discounts?

  12. I tried them yesterday, i would say satisfactory. In fact i am very impressed by their detailing job, i.e where their hands and eyes reached was fantastic. What the team lacks would be a supervisor. To guide them during the job, and to correct their techniques if any.

    The areas which i had to point out to get attended were replied with ” you hadn’t shown them when you dropped the car”. So i had to spent an hour extra. Secondly i did give them the liberty of returning my car the next day in order to avoid the rushing and rather taking time thoroughly.

    And my other concern was they hadn’t removed the spare wheel cover (mine is an SUV) to those areas and get the rim cleaned. They say they don’t do that, strange!

    I had opted the Sparkle Plus, to make benefit of the TEFLON application. All paint marks (grateful to my door banging neighbors) and tree stains were totally cleared, my car looking totally fresh like new.

    I wish the team is more educated to convince me with the TEFLON coat.

  13. Is this deal still available or renewed?

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