Audi R8 Limited Edition for China

Audi R8 Limited Edition for China

Audi R8 Limited Edition
Audi has just released a limited edition of their R8 model, exclusive to China with only 30 units to be sold, a month after releasing the R8 China Edition.

A marketing ploy to get customers to pay a premium rate for a regular R8 with a few visual upgrades, the Limited Edition is only available in Cool Nordic Gold paint with a matte black trim, titanium grey accents and 19-inch alloy wheels. Matte carbon-fibre adorns the mirrors, sideblades and the rear wing.

The cabin is upgraded with Alcantara sport seats, shark skin leather knee pads and Cool Nordic Gold trim. Other added gimmicks include carbon-fibre door handles and an aluminium gear knob with the serial number for the car, with no number 4, as the Chinese consider that number unlucky.

The Audi R8 China Edition was released in December last year. The China Edition is supposed to be an exclusive model as well, with only 80 units available for customers. Like the new Limited Edtion, it has the Alcantara sports seats and steering wheel, carbon-fibre add-ons and serial-numbered gear knob. The only differences we could spot was the colour of the exterior and bits of the interior — a choice between Malibu Blue and Suzuka Grey, different rims and rear windshield frame design.

There are no performance upgrades with both models having the stock 5.2-litre V10 engine that develops 525 hp and 530 Nm of torque, capable of reaching 0-100 kph in 4.0 seconds.

For the Audi R8 Limited Edition, Customers need to dish out at least 2,628,000 Yuan, which is about Dhs 1.55 million.

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  1. B ecause China is the biggest market for Audi.

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