Honda Accord 2013 launched in UAE & GCC

Honda Accord 2013 launched in UAE & GCC

The 2013 Honda Accord just had its GCC launch at an event in Dubai. The UAE played host to the debut of both the sedan and coupe models, and it was interesting to see that the Middle East version actually got its own unique mechanical specifications, based on consumer sensibilities here.

There are two engines available for this American-built model. The first one is a mildly-updated 173 hp 2.4-litre 4-cylinder, mated to a 5-speed automatic rather than the CVT that the U.S. gets. The second is a 276 hp 3.5-litre V6, mated to a 6-speed automatic. Whether sedan or coupe, all models gets active noise cancellation, to reduce engine noise.


The basic 2.4 DX sedan gets halogen headlights with standard LED front running lamps and tail lights, 16-inch steel wheels with hubcaps, basic power accessories, manual a/c, 6-speaker CD/MP3 stereo, “i-MID” LCD info display, cloth upholstery, ABS and two front airbags.

The 2.4 LX sedan adds floor mats, side and curtain airbags, stability control and hill-start assist, as does all other trim levels. In certain markets, it is additionally offered with a sunroof, 17-inch aluminium wheels, and a touchscreen control panel for multimedia functions.

The 2.4 EX sedan further adds front fog lights, power-folding mirrors, Bluetooth, dual-zone a/c, leather seats, leather steering wheel, power rear sunshade, smart keyless entry and start, auto-dimming mirror, rear parking sensors and a power driver’s seat.

The 2.4 EX sedan can be upgraded with navigation, rear camera, “i-Dual” a/c, 7-speaker stereo with subwoofer, USB/AUX ports, and a power-adjustable passenger seat.

The 3.5 EX sedan adds the V6 engine and transmission, dual exhaust tips, wooden steering wheel, rear-side window sunshades, and a new feature called “LaneWatch” that adds a camera under the right-side mirror to visually monitor your right blindspot. It also becomes the only midsize sedan in its class to get LED headlights, although it looks a lot like regular HIDs in person.

The 3.5 Sport sedan additionally gets 18-inch alloys, little paddle-shifters, and leather steering. It should be noted that the Sport does not get sportier suspension tuning like it does in the States.


The 2.4 EX coupe comes with halogen headlights with LEDs, 17-inch alloys, fog lights, sunroof, smart keyless entry and start, power-folding mirrors, cloth upholstery, leather steering wheel, dual-zone auto a/c, rear camera, 7-speaker stereo with touchscreen panel and USB/AUX ports, Bluetooth, power driver’s seat, auto-dimming mirror, floor mats and all safety features.

The 3.5 EX adds the V6 engine, LED headlights, 18-inch alloys, dual exhaust tips, paddle-shifters, navigation, LaneWatch camera, “i-Dual” a/c and leather upholstery.

There are further options for both the sedan and the coupe, such as a complete body kit with lip spoiler, LED door-sill plates and footwell lights, and external chrome strips.

For full specs, visit the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. i love this new model, But who would buy it for 140000? Me as a honda lover would love to shift my attention to LEXUS now..

  2. The buyer’s guide says a six speed manual is available on the four cylinder. Is that in the UAE ?

  3. lol very expensive for me , i would rather buy a hyundai Genesis( the rear is taken from genesis and old azera) for 133,000 QR instead of this expensive mid sizse seden . Also Kia cadenza is way cheaper 118,000 for full option and more horspower 286 that is .

  4. Way too expensive, better to go for a full option dodge charger or even the dodge Durango which have the world the best V6 engine pentastar, similar tech & all the punch needed without any compromise.

  5. The pricetag on this thing is ridiculous, Honda is delusional if they think this car is gonna be a good seller. Nowadays Hondas are dull and boring. Hyundai nails the mid-size sedan market. Honda is going DOWNHILL!!

  6. Wrong pricing, However I am 100% sure this car has robust quality as compared to any hyundai, nissan or toyota, Mash correct me if i am wrong!

  7. If Honda alway change design , i not confidence to buy honda because too too expensive and not match with other . Other car good quality and price also lower .

    Unless…….Honda accord new car 2013 can reduce to 100000 then considered to but it .

    always change model and design will be affected price market reduce .

    • the old design has been in production for 6 years and you say they keep changing, how long do you want them to keep it, 20 years !!!!

  8. I would buy either a full opt camry or altima or even an altima instead of this heavily overpriced thingy

    • I’m speaking out of personal experience, I will not buy Nissan anymore, they are priced competitively but they never last under heavy usage, I tried both altima and tiida and they interior is crap, the fit and finish are not good and the rattles and squeaks start after 10-20 k kms only. i dont care about material quality because sometimes the materials are good but the fit and finish arent. Also i faced the eternal problem of Nissan in suspension like sounds coming when i turn the steering or go over humps and my brother also the same, the company’s yaris which is 5 years old and has over 200k on the odo has cheap material interior, but it never rattles or squeaks

  9. Hmmmm. It seems like the 2.4 LX kind of makes the best deal there on that list, otherwise I have to agree that its kind of pricey.
    However we all talk without the chance to have tested the car so we dont really know much about it, if its worth or not the money.

  10. Over priced Civic now Accord.. Good bye Honda sales.

    Time to switch to Ford

  11. when they first released the photos few months ago I hated the car, but I dont know why it is now growing on me, the pricing is stupid specially for the 4 cyl version, the V6 looks reasonable for me, compared to the stupid and ugly Aurion sold for 130 K, I would buy this any day, and also the new avalon was launched in KSA and while it is ok from outside, its interior is so busy with 50 colors used inside along with chrome accents that makes the interior looks stupid for my taste and it is priced at 155k in KSA so it will sold here around 160, so going for the V6 accord at 136k compared to the avalon will also be a bargain, btw, in KSA the fully loaded Sport trim is sold for 134k with 80k kms free service

  12. funny everyone says car priced too high, it will still sell like hotcakes cause foolish people exist who buy cars at inflated prices,
    take a look at the overpriced bmws for example.

  13. New accord Looks like Hyundai Azera 2007-2011 Models. it is overpriced a lot. I would consider Kia Optima or Codenze V6.

  14. Done 200k in my 2008 accord without a single technical issue, not even once, besides it drives and handles better than both Camry and Altima and doesn’t look cheap inside like both of them. Loved this car but now is the time for a change , I think I might either consider the edge or the passant cc for my next buy.

    • One of our current cars is an accord 2008 and it never caused any troubles at all, we only changed the tires and the rubber for the glass wipers in those five years.

  15. BTW Mash , the BMW 316 has been launched recently with 2 trim levels at 140k , and 160k. The 1.6 turbo engine is good for 136 BHP. As per the abudhabi dealer, it also includes a100k service package, if it was just 15-20k cheaper I would have got it right away.

  16. It is way too expensive. Better 2 splurge Dh. 140000 on a Ford Edge or Dodge Charger!… 😉

  17. Guys cool down, People would love this car, especially the coupe will sell like a hot cake. That is my intuition.

    • People will still buy but I am mean how long will this game keep on working out? Other brands like ford and vw are offering far better deals and packages..

      Lately Lexus cleared out some models for dirt cheap prices because they did not sell with a hefty price tag..

    • @ ROJ

      Yes, Ford, VW and some other brands may “seem” to be offering nice all around packages, but people are not stupid believe me, you may think they are fooled by resale value slogans and other bla bla bla, but they are right, maybe your living conditions are different but the majority of people commute for long distances here in UAE Shj-Dubai, or Dubai-Abu Dhabi and some even go from Shj to Abu Dhabi on daily bases, people want cars that run for at least 200k kms without problems, Ford package of 60k kms service may seem tempting, but for somebody who will drive that destance in one year, he thinks ok then how much it will cost me to maintain the car after than till 200k mark for example, at least 20 k dhs with their hefty maintenance charges and expensive spare parts and on top of that comes resale value, after all majority of people here are not locals, so what we are doing here? Tourists? i dont think so, we are here to work, serve the country and in return we make some money, the majority dont want to go and waste their money on ford Edge to be bought at 150 k and sold after 4 or 5 years at 50k, sorry im not being given money from charity, i work hard to earn it …. BTW, this is not necessarily how i think, just how the majority of people think here

    • Have to agree with samer here but take my case for instance, Im not planning on selling my VW anytime soon. Infact I intend to use the shit out of it for years to come. It gives me pleasure while I drive, its refined and maintenance is low (even lesser than Japanese or Korean vehicles)

      For the Accord critics, you haters be hating .. 😉

      I love what Hondas done with this new Accord. Loaded with Gadgets, this reliable, refined and beautifully built baby is gonna shine on the roads.

      Price-vise, I agree, now that the Accords are coming from the US, no one can say that the Accords are highly priced because of the soaring Yen (An excuse used commonly by the local dealer here, whenever they were asked on why the price hike). So whose playing the high price games here? Ahem, Trading Enterprises, care to comment?!

  18. the problem is about packaging here in this became a BASIC EQUIPMENT in all markets except middle east!..same for the new rav4, which is offered with Camera as a basic equipment in all the world yet here u need only to pay the 124k for the upper trim to get it……..I dont know why such basic safety equipment became a sort of fancy issue here?

  19. i would buy a full opt 4 cylider camry or altima or an optima instead of this overpriced accord thingy !

  20. @ cruiser , go on buy it, i hope you won’t regret when you see an accord coupe beauty hitting on the roads.
    However, if the price was 115000 for the top model with sports kit and 3.5 engine, it would have been a great success for them.
    By the way the new civic which again is overpriced, looks stunning too..

  21. talking ONLY in terms of looks, what on earth happened here? from the best-of-the-class sedan to a pretty average looking one…..
    personally, i have driven an accord 2009 for 2 years and boy, that car was awesome! lets hope that honda knows what they are doing.. else its GOODBYE Honda & Hello Korea!!!!! 🙂

  22. This cars costs 40,500 USD (around 150,000 DHS)here in Lebanon full options V6.

    • really? good news it is only a bit more than UAE..usually it was like 35-40% more because of the customs and lack of mass sales..hope it will be the same for other car companies in lebanon..

  23. expensive…. a well optioned accord cost USD 26k
    in the states…


  24. Went to see the new 2013 Accord in the showroom today. The Base 2.4 LX costs 85K Qatar Riyals and the top end 2.4 EX (Leather) costs 110K Qatar Riyals. Waiting for the “Qatar Motor Show” on 29th Jan…

  25. All I am thinking why does this bother us so much,if you don’t like it don’t buy.period!

  26. i think while hyundai hired audi designer, honda hired hyundai’s ex designer. =P

  27. Honda has woken up late, but it is better late than being too late and never. What a transformation from the old dated and standard Accord. But pricing needs to be looked at by Honda, else customers would be tempted to go for more premium brands-Upgrade on behalf of Honda. Accord is an excellent car, and rate it above the Camry and Altima. All the Best Honda, with the new Accord.

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