W Motors Lykan HyperSport revealed at Qatar Motor Show

W Motors Lykan HyperSport revealed at Qatar Motor Show

W Motors Lykan HyperSport
The Middle East’s first supposed super-carmaker, W Motors, has launched the Lykan HyperSport at the Qatar Motor Show.

It is as exclusive as it gets, with only 7 units reportedly being built for customers. And the price of exclusivity? Just US$ 3.4 million, or about Dhs 12.5 million, and they throw in a special-edition Cyrus Klepcys watch worth more than $200,000 for free. For that price tag, you also get diamond-coated LED headlights and gold-stitched leather seats.

The mid-engine supercar is powered by a turbocharged flat-6, capable of producing 750 hp and 1000 Nm of torque, enough to propel the car from 0-100 kph in 2.8 seconds. Continue flooring the accelerator pedal and you can go up to 395 kph.

W Motors was founded in Lebanon, but is now based in the UAE. Expect at least one or two Lykans to show up on the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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  1. The front is nice. The back is crazy. Better looking than the Veyron !!

  2. Stunning! But it’s probably going to be as reliable as the Dubai taxi service!

  3. Not intending to be a hater but:

    I appreciate the effort and work that was done to achieve such a risky venture. Many of these small super car makers tend to fail and its a tough decision to venture into such world.

    Though the 12.5 million for what? It costs more than a well engineered patiently developed Buggati Veyron that is sensibly built for the sake of pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering. VAG built a Buggati because they needed to, not because they though it will make them look cool, even though it actually did make them look cool.

    This sounds more like a luxury ‘barging-mobile’ than a state-of-the-art engineering feat; loaded with stuff like: diamond-coated LED headlights and gold-stitched leather seats. And they give away a $ 200,000 wrist watch.. Sounds more like buy this funky gold plated Nokia phone and ill give you a cover and screen guard for free..

    Why would somebody pay this much money for such a car with no depth, heritage or meaning whatsoever? The initial idea and the sales pitch doesn’t sound majestic or appealing..

  4. Volkswagen actually did make the Veyron to make themselves cool. It was simply an engineering exercise to prove that they could make something special and every car was made at a loss.

    • While the cool factor is undoubtedly there, the lessons learnt and technology developed will inevitably make their way into future cars. Who knows, maybe your future car will feature ABS on the handbrakes. And one thing’s for sure – your cars absolutely need those wing mirrors at high speed.

    • Exactly my point.. The work done on a Bugatti will affect mainstream cars in the coming decade if not more.. There is a cutting edge and a line being crossed with this car.. Seeing all this, makes is a purposeful invention..

      W Motors gives out a vibe that its one of those money schemes commonly done in the region:
      What if they can manage to score 1/2 a dozen of pre-orders, bag the cash and make a run for it?

      The employees who developed the car along with the 3rd party manufacturers and affiliates will be baffled by the move and the company closes down.

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