So we got a 2013 Honda Accord 2.4 EX

So we got a 2013 Honda Accord 2.4 EX

2013 Honda Accord
We drove several variations of the 2013 Honda Accord at an event last month, but we wanted more personal time with the car that accounts for 70% of all Honda sales in the GCC. We asked for the 2.4-litre version, especially since it will the model that most buyers will go for.

2013 Honda Accord 3

The new Accord is a better-looking car now, premium even, at least until someone comes close enough to look at the badges on the boot-lid. The use of LEDs front and rear is tastefully done, as is the use of chrome.

2013 Honda Accord 4

The interior has improved in some ways, with better tech features and less clutter. We would’ve liked a little less hard plastics in a few areas, but there’s already more soft-touch trim here than some of its competitors.

2013 Honda Accord 6

The boot is big, as is cabin space. It’s one of the main selling points of the Accord.

2013 Honda Accord 2

The new Accord isn’t ground-breaking by any means, but Honda has done enough to improve on a winning formula to keep it in the running. What might’ve looked like just a facelift is actually a sizeable reworking, using the old model as a base. More in the full review.

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  1. dear Drivearabia,

    enough with the title ” so we got a”

    please be a little innovative and try some other words for the title.

    • rubbish, ppl want to recognize quickly what type of article they re about to read. we all know what ‘so we got..” means and stands for

      as for the car: solid solid solid but far away from ground-breaking is probably what it describes best

  2. The first look of back reminds me Accord 2001-02 specially lights looks similar to that model.

  3. nice to see Honda accord back at it’s game

  4. I like this Accord with the LEDs.. looks cool.

  5. Its just 2008 hyundai Sonata facelift.

  6. Looks okay

  7. I’m considering the V6, but confused between the sport and the normal V6 one, while the sport looks better from outside, the normal V6 looks better inside with the dark wood trim around, but im leaning towards the sport, still waiting for a test drive as the dealer said they only have 4 cyl available for test now … that is all because of journalists who took the cars for long reviews … I hate you journalists …. just kidding Mash

    • Author

      I’m using the Honda M.E. car. The dealer recently did their own event with their own cars last week for journalists who weren’t invited to that earlier drive event by Honda M.E. I went to. Those dealer cars should’ve been back by now for use as demo cars.

  8. i lot depends on the pricing as well i guess with lot of korean competitors

  9. Could you people post a report on the 2012-2013 Hyundai Sonata 🙂

  10. Honda is solid…and will remain a solid reliable car for 10 years.

    I assume the handling is a bit boring and Altima is slightly more quicker…but this should be far more refined…

  11. What is Honda trying to do? Its a repeat of a decade old model with gimmicky LED’s which are cheap looking in the long run & just a touch here, a tech there… This is ridiculous. Pricing is also high, design cues for the future is boring… Expect another model upgrade like what they did to the Civic, just killed it. I guess there are better, bigger, spacious and powerful cars for all the tech, reliability, service options etc including engine choices. Guess its time up for Honda!

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