So we got a 2013 Ford Focus ST...and it's brilliant!

So we got a 2013 Ford Focus ST…and it’s brilliant!

2013 Ford Focus ST
We generally don’t dish out verdicts in the title of a preview article, but there is a first time for everything. The Ford Focus ST is the most brilliant new car we’ve driven in years!

2013 Ford Focus ST 2

Let’s start off with the looks. The regular Focus looks great. But Ford’s amped up the styling by giving it a completely-unique front-end, so it’s not mistaken for a body-kitted regular Focus.

2013 Ford Focus ST 3

There’s also that uber-cool central exhaust thing happening in the back. Combined with that big rear spoiler and 18-inch alloys, the ST is a complete package for less than the price of a VW Golf GTI. The Focus is made in Germany too.

2013 Ford Focus ST 5

Inside, the Focus already had a premium-feel interior to begin with, but Ford goes crazy with the seating and stuffs these huge Recaro buckets in there.

2013 Ford Focus ST 6

And what makes this car brilliant is the fact that it is still as practical as a regular compact car, complete with grocery-bag hooks in the back.

2013 Ford Focus ST a

Of course, all that just adds to a package that is insanely fun to drive, while also being civilised enough that we could drive this manual hatchback in traffic without so much as a leg cramp. To top it off, it rides better than most sports cars, has enough juice to overtake in sixth gear, and will carry your parents too.

This is probably the best all-round daily-driver performance car in Ford’s range right now, even while they already have the coolest fleet of performance offerings ever for a mainstream brand. No wonder it’s already sold out till summer. More in the full review.

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  1. Sigh, the days are gone when the GTI was the best hot hatch around. Sad owner :/

  2. Does this come in Automtic? or is it only a Manual?

    • Yep Mash, want to know if this is available in auto?!

    • Author

      Manual only. And hope it stays that way, to maintain some sort of exclusivity. But there is talk that an auto might become available at some point in the future.

    • If they start making automatic it will later become only auto car (because of the more interest for auto and less demand for manuals). At least some car should exist in manual.

    • Well the civic type R was manual only as well but see whats happened to it, although a good hot hatch, there were hardly any takers.. but given this focus ST is a 4 door, should add some points in terms of practicality.

      I want to test drive this baby. If its got Mash all worked up, then this must be something.

    • Author

      What killed the Type-R was its price tag in the middle of a recession. The 2-door/manual thing just added to its sales problem. It was slow, but I loved that one too. The Focus pumps up that formula, and it’s cheaper as well.

  3. What about Hp and 0 to 100 !!

  4. I love how manufacturers hype their car sales – “sold out till summer!”
    I guess what they ‘forgot’ to mention is the limited number they brought down to test the market first – 20 or 25 cars is what the salesperson told me.

    Looking forward to your full review on this car 🙂 I came very close to buying this a month ago but in the end decided to go a different route.

  5. brilliant car indeed.

  6. Dubai needs the Auto…please listen Ford Middle East!!!! If not for the driving pleasure we certainly need it for the resale value!

  7. I got hooked on the ae86 bug recently and somewhat interested on it then this one catches my attention, same price @ 95k aed… it’s a no brainer, or is it just me…

  8. Hey Mush,

    As per a review by MotorTrend, (seek 1:19), they managed to get a 0-100 timing of 5.9 s.

    This was done by launching the car at 2000rpm. Would it be possible for you to try out the same?

    Also does the car come with a sub-woofer in the boot?

  9. “To top it off, it rides better than most sports cars” does that mean Mr. Mashfique Hussain it is better than toyota 86 and honda s2000 and hyundai genesis in sport side at least

  10. its cheap cause many options found in other countries are missing here,
    to name a few hids and OVERBOOST feature

    and to the people crying about a automatic focus st, please go out there and learn to drive a manual, trust me once you figure out the 3 pedals there is no going back to the women only 2 pedal cars

    • Go drive a fork lift, it has lot more pedals and gears and levers. Perhaps an aircraft with room full of gauges, levers. Those who like auto will buy auto, if you like manual buy manual. What makes you think that all those who drive auto cars have auto license. I am not going to sit in UAE traffic daily for 4-5hours and play around with pedals and gears.

  11. This would be a good break for Ford!

  12. i guess this car is turbochrged…makes about 254 hp….saw one at ibn battutah….electric blue….looked awesome…..n gr8 exhaust note! a car seriously worth considering over the gti..

  13. ex owner of the toyota 86 and had to sell it sadly as i needed more space. was in the market for a hot hatch, a car that can carry 5 and something in the trunk. of course it has to be fun…

    my options were the STI, GTI or ST (in the order of my preference)

    reason why i wanted the STI is cos i may run out of road out here in the wild west, 230kms away from Abu Dhabi but the price was too far from my budget as i just bought a property.

    GTI mark 7 was out but waiting list is 4 months, i sold my car and desperately needed a car. GTI offers more rear passanger space due to the front seats being smaller. was hoping to get a manual gearbox too but i understand they dont bring it in to UAE 🙁

    so my final choice was the ST. i bought the car without test driving it. waited for one month as my friend was kind enough for lending me his car when he was on vacation for a month.

    4 months on, no regrets so far. car s a pleasure to drive. overtaking in the highway over 100kmh on 6 was effortless, while the 86 required a downshift. she s a little too refined but im sure my family appreciates that. still very willing to throw around in corners where it tends to oversteer. was surprise cos it was a wrong wheel drive car. of course it doesnt cont to drift once you apply power. to get more rear happy i had to apply the hand brake in slower corners.

  14. Wondering if there is a way to mount the front number plate in a manner other than shown in the picture? (maybe proud ST owners can answer)

  15. no other way Sameer… sadly. in the US, some states doesnt require front plates…

  16. I’ve had an T since June 2013. Previously owned a GTI Mk6 and a Seat Leon FR prior to that. I love my 2L turbo hatchbacks.

    When accelerating in 3rd gear at about 100km/h it just leaves the GTI Mk7 for dead everytime. I tested this with my friends Mk7. Toyota 86’s don’t get close either.

    I love my car, It’s a real drivers car. I’ve done about 11,000km’s in it. Zero complaints. I wouldn’t like to sit in traffic in it daily, but why buy a drivers car to do that?

    Hope they keep it manual!

    Will only trade it in for a 350bhp Focus RS if they bring one out in Dubai.

  17. I have owned and loved turbo charged cars with a Manual Tranny previously. Ever since the ST won the 2014 Middle East Hot Hatch of the year award i wanted to check it out. I ended buying one in March 2014. Gosh this car runs circles around 90% of the cars on the road in performance and looks. Plus being 5 door its very practical. For this kind of power one would have to spend at least over AED 170K. The ST is only 95K. The ST is developed by Ford RS Europe and manufactured in Germany. Driving the ST just puts and instant smile on the face.

  18. Hey guys

    Thinking of buying a focus ST 2014 and read some great reviews – what are running costs like ? Ie new tyres.
    Al tayer are saying 95k which is a great deal and drives well.

    Anyone had any serious mechanical problems ?

    Please email me [email protected]

    Would love to hear any opinions.

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