Jeep Cherokee 2014 gets controversial early reveal

Jeep Cherokee 2014 gets controversial early reveal

2014 Jeep Cherokee 2
Spy shots of the all-new weird-looking 2014 Jeep Cherokee were swirling around the internet yesterday, so much so that Chrysler pushed up the debut of the new Cherokee and released these few photos, at least of the front-end.

Based on the Alfa-Romeo/Dodge Dart platform now, the controversial new 2014 Cherokee is going the crossover route, with a choice of front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive, although the latter is still expected to retain some off-road capability.

There is no new on powertrains, but it is expected to have a V6 motor, and possibly even a 4-cylinder one. The only news they’ve released is that it has 45% better fuel economy than the outgoing model, and it will hit U.S. showrooms by the third quarter of 2013. We should see it by early next year in the GCC, if not earlier.

What do you think?



  1. Someone at Jeep assumed that Nissan’s Juke front design was a winner

  2. The front end looks…….hideous. its terrible..

  3. I just threw up in my mouth

  4. Don’t mean to sound racist but ummm Asian eyes on an American SUV?

  5. i think this is the love child of pontiac aztec and nissan juke…

  6. i guess isuzu vehicross came in between while aztec and juke made love.. becuz the front end reminds me the old isuzu vehicross..×782.jpg

  7. These are the official photos of the new GC. A bit different.

  8. even the 2012 camry loks better

  9. even the 2012 camry looks better


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