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Nissan 370Z tweaked by Nismo for 2014

Nissan 370Z tweaked by Nismo for 2014

2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo
The Nissan 370Z lineup may have just received some slight tweaks for 2013, but their tuning wing ‘Nismo’ is making it sportier by giving a few more upgrades for 2014. The new Nissan Nismo 370Z debuted at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

Changes to the vehicle include new grey accents and red striping on the exterior and interior, an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and a new red Nismo tachometer. The vehicle will also be offered in four exterior colours, namely pearl white, black, gun-metallic and red.

As for the coupe’s performance, it still retains the higher 350 hp rating from the 3.7-litre V6 engine as in the previous Nismo, paired solely to a 6-speed manual transmission. Other performance add-ons include a more aerodynamic front fascia, rear spoiler, 19-inch wheels with sportier suspension and a strut tower brace for better rigidity.

The 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo is expected to go on sale this summer and will join the Juke Nismo in many markets. However, whether the vehicle will make it to the GCC is still a doubt.

The car debuted just in time for Nissan to declare Nismo as their exclusive global performance road-car and motorsport brand, while inaugurating the new Nismo global headquarters and development centre in Japan. They plan to launch at least one new Nismo model per year, as the 370Z Nismo joins the Juke Nismo for this year.

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  1. Do you guys know when will it be available in GCC??

  2. I put a post up somewhere else on the site, but i’d be interested in knowing more about when the 2015 370z gismo would be available in showrooms.

    Also, is it worth waiting for the 370z replacement /z35? or is that still a couple of years off. i read (i’m not an expert) that they may dump the V6.

    i’m also looking at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, or the infinity Q60 Coupe. I know they are all slightly different and come at different price points between 100k – 200k. decisions decisions

    interior of the 370z looks dated to me, and should be due for an upgrade in my opinion

    • Just spoke to Nissan Dubai, they said that they have the GT spec that comes with Navigation, and Rear parking assistance for 151,000 for the coupe. Only in Automatic. Can order the Manual but will take 6 months to arrive.

      Regarding Nismo 370z, they don’t have it and don’t plan to have it. I can contact Nismo directly and get them to ship the kit and parts to Dubai and the Nissan dealer will check with the service centre on whether they can install it under warranty.

      I like the clean look of the stock 370z, but would like the Nismo exhaust and brakes.

      any one else has the same thoughts?

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury

      The local dealer keeps having on/off plans to bring Nismo here, but never does.

  3. I also started having a look on dubizzle for a manual 370z just to buy and drive for a couple of months before I decide to buy the auto brand new or if I should put the special order in at nissan and wait 6 months for the manual. I’m thinking that if I do that, I may as we’ll order the nismo 370z. I’m a month or two off from actually buying it so I am having a think. Problem is that all the second hand manuals are us imports it seems. I’m a bit scared of that

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