So we got a 2013 Toyota RAV4

So we got a 2013 Toyota RAV4

2013 Toyota RAV4
The Toyota RAV4 lays claim to creating the crossover segment back in the mid-1990s. Since then, it’s become lost in the deluge of crossovers from every possible carmaker from BYD to BMW. The new RAV4 looks to change that with an all-new design.

2013 Toyota RAV4 2

We drove the new RAV4 eons ago at the launch event, where it was overloaded with passengers and luggage, so much as that it was hard to get a gauge on its performance. So when our name finally came up after months on the test-drive media waiting-list, it feels as if it’s a completely different car.

Much criticism has been levelled on RAV4’s new look, but we quite like it. We’ll chalk it down to Toyota-bashing, a sport that was invented by enthusiasts after the death of the Supra.

2013 Toyota RAV4 4

Inside, it’s a rather convoluted design, but it keeps things interesting. That bit of padded leatherette on the dash is an excellent addition, although the rest of it is hard plastic.

2013 Toyota RAV4 6

Boot space appears to be generous, although the packaging is a bit off, considering how the floor way higher than the door opening due to the spare tyre underneath. Those metal rods can be installed to become a cargo-net “bag” to carry smaller items.

2013 Toyota RAV4 3

The RAV4 is getting rave reviews from certain segments of the automotive press, but while we think it is an entirely competent contender, we’ve yet to figure out its unique selling point that makes it rise above its rivals. Maybe we should compare it to some of its said rivals? More in the full review.

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  1. There’s just a lot of little things that don’t look right in this car. It’s height has been increased … there’s too much of a gap between the tyres and the wheel arches and its tail-lights are too high up. I’m not a Toyota-basher in any way but I saw this car parked at Jumeirah beach the other day and the first thing I did was cringe.

    Toyota needs to stop using the same look for all its cars – new Camry, RAV4 and the Corolla as well. The same goes for Lexus with its sporty hourglass grille. Each car needs to have its own identity – just my 2 cents though.

  2. I like the direction in which Toyota Designers are headed.. In future, we can expect to see the same padded dash leatherette on other larger SUVs such as the Prado and the LC whose interiors are presently not so upscale.

    Overall, quite an improvement over the previous dull design for this RAV4

  3. I got basic model, it had padded leatherette on the dash.
    it is very lovely car

  4. @ Maneck

    if you check the spec sheet you will find that it is lower than previous model and has less ground clearance

    @ Ironman

    regarding the material, i checked the Rav4 and while it has this part of stitched leather you are happy about, the rest is all cheap plastic that reminded me with my old Yaris, so the material of “soft flexible rubber” is everywhere in Prado and LC, this is the difference

  5. very nice
    i luv its interior n exterior
    awesome design
    its having very good reviews from other markets as well

    welldone toyota

  6. Toyota Design has lost its way from 1998… I still get nightmares thinking about the 1998 “lizard eyes” Corolla

  7. I reLly like the new shape. Its a step forward, far batter than the old model. Im looking forward to test drive it.

  8. I honestly dont say this a lot of times, but this is pure UGLY! Its looking at cars like these that people have switched to Korean alternatives that look better & are cheaper.

    P.S – I own ONLY german cars..

  9. I Believe Mazda CX-5 is much better than this in all aspects !!

  10. awesome car, from the looks of it, it will sell here on this part of the world. just make the price competitive, it should be price close to the 7-seater Sta.Fe or Sorento. i repeat, 7-seater.

  11. compare it with CRV…

  12. i just bought the RAV4 AWD Limited with the technology package, and overall for the looks, comfort,fuel economy, faster with now 6 speed,reliability, resale value (something kia and hyundai dream to have), and no rust like the Mazda, this is the best of the small SUV.
    p.s. the only competition is the Honda CRV but the ride is better in the RAV4.

  13. I really love Toyota’s SUVs in general. I also loved the Rav4. The new one’s front is good. But the back looks boxy and more like an old, unknown SsangYong. I really wish they just slightly facelifted the old back.

  14. Yuk! An ugly car is getting uglier!
    I remember, perhaps 7 years ago, this car was really No.1 small SUV due to its stunning design.
    Toyota is “enjoying” a free fall in creative realm.

  15. Ugly ugly ugly
    I Cant focus on its specs because im distracted by its creepy front looks

  16. Hi… Im planning to buy a new car…but im confuse..should i get rav4 or forester..? Both are 2014 model..2nd option…

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