2014 Toyota 4Runner revealed at Stagecoach Music Festival

2014 Toyota 4Runner revealed at Stagecoach Music Festival

2014 Toyota 4Runner
Toyota has officially revealed the updated version of the 2014 4Runner at the 2013 ‘Stagecoach Music Festival’ near Palm Springs, California. Toyota also happens to be the title sponsor at the festival, and claims that this is the first-ever global reveal of a new automobile at a major music festival, like it matters.

The new 4Runner’s has received a freshened look since its last change back in 2009. With new smoked light fixtures in the front and rear, and reworked front fascia and grille, the SUV certainly looks sporty. However, the profile seems largely unchanged, though there are some new wheel designs on the list as well.

The 4Runner will be offered in three trims, including the ‘SR5’, top-of-the-line ‘Limited’, and off-road-ready ‘Trail’ variants. Both 4×2 and 4×4 (part- and full-time) models will be available. The vehicle will be powered by the same 4.0-litre V6 engine which produces 270-hp and 376 Nm of torque. It will be coupled to a five-speed automatic gearbox.

Other changes for the 2014 model year include a retouched interior featuring new Optitron gauges, a multi-information display, and some changes in the trim. On the entertainment front, there are new head units with Toyota’s ‘Entune’ infotainment technology and an in-glass antenna replacing the previous mast unit. The navigation system features a seven-inch screen and is an optional extra.

The ‘Limited’ edition comes standard with an ‘X-REAS’suspension system that further improves performance, comfort and control. The ‘Trail’ variant gets ‘A-TRAC’ traction control system, ‘Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System’ and ‘Crawl Control’. ‘Hill-start Assist Control’ and ‘Downhill Assist Control’ is standard across all variants.

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner is not likely to be offered in the UAE, KSA or any other GCC country any time soon, after the original 4Runner was replaced by the Land Cruiser II and then the Prado here two decades ago. It does seem to be a popular fixture in less well-off states in the Middle East as grey imports though.

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  1. It looks really ugly. With such great SUV such as Ford Escape or Hyundai Santa Fe. How will it compete with them?

    • Lol you are funny

    • It actually looks like the four door version of fj cruiser…good one

    • Escape and Santa Fe are of different league, this one won’t be that comfortable and others can’t hold a candle to it in practicality , utility of a Forerunner as its brilliant offroad with good towing capacity. Compare softroaders with softroaders and proper trail capable vehicles with trail capable vehicles.

    • Not when you consider the fact that in the GCC, most of the people who own SUVs never go offroad or tow anything.

    • Right …! but still lot of them would buy xterras, wranglers, fortunes, prados and pagers. And those who really don’t care and understand what they require would go for crossovers, so if you really understand the difference then no need to compare, and if you would compare you compare vehicles belonging to same league.

  2. kill it before it lay eggs

  3. confuse personality … i was not expecting something like this from toyota

  4. The front looks like a GT-86 thats been squeezed and compressed into a square shape

  5. Those headlights look somewhat similar to the ones on the 86/BRZ

  6. Late last year, my brother did inform me that he had seen this 4-runner being tested on Dubai roads with semi-camouflage. So there’s a possibility of this making an entrance into the Gulf Market… It sure does look like a potent off-roading truck but gosh, that’s a face that only a mother would love…

  7. Offroad onroad still ugly

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