Competition: Win Ford Focus ST t-shirt and cap

Competition: Win Ford Focus ST t-shirt and cap

2013 Ford Focus ST 2
Here’s your chance to win some exclusive Ford Focus ST apparel. As regular readers may know, we have declared the Focus to be the best hot hatch for the money, and if you feel the same, you now have a chance to show it by winning this Focus ST gift hamper that includes a t-shirt and a cap. Update: The winner is Phil.


We’re giving away the prize to one winner, courtesy of Ford Middle East. All you have to do is leave a comment below about what you think about the Focus ST, after reading our road test.

This competition is open only to readers in the UAE. Please note that the actual merchandise designs may vary.

The winner will be picked by a computer. Only one comment per person is allowed, and duplicate entries from the same person, email or IP address will be disqualified.

The last date to enter is the 12th of May, 2013. The winner will be announced on the 13th of May.

Update: The winner is Phil.


  1. Manual transmission, turbo and body kit = instant badass!

  2. Simple and Good review of the the focus ST. It does make it a good competition with VW GTI because of its value for money pricing. I think THe focus ST should also come in auto or semi manual gearbox.
    Anyways nice review and cool car.

  3. The new Ford Focus ST is a powerful, affordable, fun-to-drive hot hatch comparatively as compared to the VW Golf.

    A cool lot of accessories are loaded and it is visually appealing also.

  4. it has the best power to price ratio

  5. Nice little powerfull car.

  6. From the Review

    LUCKY 7 from ST!

    1. Sports Car Drive Experience with a fraction of price

    2. Powerful Engine and Fast! with a price of a Sedan!

    3. Quick, Agile, Suspension and Handling put in together in a sporty car

    4. Made by German Enginnering!

    5. You can never be wrong by buying this Car

    6. 1 of the Most FUN to drive by YAHOO!

    7. 1 of the Fastest with a Good Price Tag to 0-100Km @7.1 Secs!!!

  7. Nice hot hatch for the price if you can live with the torque steer and front wheel drive

  8. Hello,

    I could use a few freebies.. 🙂

  9. The amazing interior look!!!

  10. The best reason in 2013 to take a loan worth 100, 000.

  11. great value for money, but the UAE market need an automatic Gear box to be honest,as the road getting more and more congested

  12. When the new Ford Focus 2013 was launched we were not aware that there was a model called ST. When after reading the review the normal Ford Focus went out of the mind and all the love went and is still for the Ford Focus ST.
    We are having a Ford Focus in our house hold and were not thinking about another one. But the Ford Focus ST shattered our per-determined thoughts.

    Next the thought came in to the mind was how good is this Ford Focus ST compared to the highly advertised Toyota 86 and Hyundai Genesis Coupe. We were also anxious to read a comparison with the three models.
    After reading the Ford Focus ST road test review, we came to happily understand that;
    This is a driver’s/enthusiast’s car with its 6 – speed manual transmission, 0 – 100km @ 7.1 Seconds,340 – 360 Nm Torque,good engine and gear box,good ride and handling good interiors and a Value For Money price tag of AED 99,000.

    (It is rare now a days with a car in this segment getting this much good review and it happily surprised us.)

    At last, Mash you have done a great review which brought happy smiles on all of our faces. Congrats and we are anxious for more.

    NB:- But secretly we wish the Ford Focus ST for a rear wheel drive 😀 .

  13. Win a Ford Focus ST … T-shirt and cap included

  14. Manual transmission 😀

  15. “Beautiful things come in small packages”

    The Ford Focus ST is on my wishlist.

  16. looking good for me to drive it my dream

  17. The ford focus ST is an amazing car it has the power, and style and its not that expensive. i have the normal focus and i am really happy with it.

  18. the real manly car!

  19. ford spawned the gti killer…..;-)

  20. Ford Focus ST – So good I am buying one!

  21. The best deal for the money. Worth going for

  22. A masterpiece that roars like a lion with its engine but looks calm and humble to the naked eye,,,

  23. Ford Focus ST . The dreamed hot-hatch become true .

  24. A review well done !! 🙂

  25. I hate ford

  26. awesome !!

  27. Trying my luck. 😉

  28. the ST just shifted my mind from the 86.
    it may lack the fun of the 86 but it definitely makes up for it with practicality and power !

  29. I want one please!!!

  30. Makes GM cars look bad! users should boycott GM!

  31. nice look, in comparison with previous ford focus. It became more modern style. Inside looks quite cozy.

    Manual gearbox…I didn’t try it since 2007 🙂
    Fuel economy is enormous!!! My dad’s LC Prado 4.0L had the same consumpion!

  32. Seems like a good choice for young people with not a lot of money

  33. A car many would dream to buy now becomes a Car Many Would Dream Of win;thanks to Drivearabia

  34. My comment

    SorT the will find Ford ST is your port

  35. they say u get what u pay for and thats the story for this car gcc dosnt bring lot of other hot hatch car like mazda speed 3 which is a lot better than st i drove many cars and about this one ill say the negative points and positive. the car feels cheap, plastic everywhere, its slower than last generation, lot of Understeer and it has fake sound which people like somehow. if u buy gti for little more at least u know that its a German engineer development which dose not leave any donig a good job these years but still after sale value is … never mind but ye here in uae it is cheaper than other hot hatch cars and it give u the thrill yet i dont call it proper hot hatch with all those Understeer!!!!

    • Hi Reza, my name is Sue and i work with Ford Middle East. Appreciate your comments and thoughts on hot hatches, and i would like to invite you to test drive the new ST. In the mean time, i’d like to clarify and highlight a few of the features that are unique to the ST. First of all, the 2-litre EcoBoost twin turbo-charged engine on the ST not only generates 252 net hp which is much more powerful than the previous model, but it also gives that great engine roar but perhaps one of the best technologies on this car is the torque vectoring control, which, as you know, gives sports cars a great grip on corners. Recaro seats and some cool touches on the inside give the ST a cockpit feel. As for the engineering it is German! Would love to get in touch and get you behind the wheels of the ST as soon as possible!

  36. Ford is cool again due to this insane car!!

  37. Ford ST is the best in its segment. Powerful and reasonably priced.

  38. I like this ford

  39. Old school hatch, no unnecessary gimmicks, great powerful engine, relaxed suspension and chassis, excellent setup, tail happy! Most of the things that other modern cars (competitors) don’t have any more = fun to drive! Can I get a car instead of the shirt

  40. That T-shirt is mine!

  41. great value for money however availability of automatic transmission and immediate delivery is important

  42. The ST’s competitive advantage is its power to price ratio

  43. focus ST will give a tough time to THE new Golf GTI

  44. Hot Hot Hatch!!! saw one in yellow and it looked awesome.

  45. The T Shirt is going around at 248 kph :-)!!!

  46. One of the best hot hatches to be launched so far! Although i think the Peugeot 208RC is gonna give it a run for its money!!

  47. It’s a manual… period! 🙂

  48. superb really a worth of power in this much amount thums up for the focus st

  49. Fun to drive and worth the money but I wish it’s rear wheel drive

  50. Win. Win. Win.

  51. I want one please!!!

  52. If you are focused on your driving then you’re driving a Ford!

  53. Author

    Update: The winner is Phil.

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