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Cars to be confiscated for playing loud music in Dubai

Cars to be confiscated for playing loud music in Dubai

The Dubai Police chief has issued a warning for all motorists to refrain from playing loud music in residential areas or face getting their vehicles confiscated permanently.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim has said they have been receiving a lot of complaints from residents, especially in the Jumeirah area, where drivers play loud music, even after midnight. The police chief says police patrols as well as undercover officers will be on the lookout for motorists disturbing the peace. He also added the rule has been around for a while and this is just a reminder to motorists to be more considerate towards the residents.

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  1. Things got serious.

  2. thank you Dubai Police. Please monitor jumeirah beach road as well as JBR the walk. plenty of cars as well as those giant car like bikers forcing us to listen to their poor taste in music.

  3. how about our dear police catch locals for driving they way they do which is almost as if they are frustrated out of their minds and looking to kill people on road

    over speeding
    lane Chang behavior
    rude gestures

    • This is not race specific. Its a behavioral thing and it affects young drivers more than it affects seasoned ones. If you’re a young chap and see another young chap driving recklessly, and more importantly, getting away with it, you are very likely to emulate him/her. Sadly, its become cool to drive recklessly and without any consideration for fellow motorists.

      Whether it be driving with your elbow hanging out or with one hand on your steering wheel while you have your other arm resting near the gear, this is something we can only eradicate through strict implementation of law and/or education.

    • i steer with my knee 🙂 its very normal.

  4. Unfair to blame the locals alone for poor driving habits. Expats are no better.

  5. Start confiscating blackberries….people driving on fast track n texting can be very annoyin

  6. Ban Fast & Furious Movie XD

  7. good initiative and all (most) of the above suggestions!!

  8. To the guys to do this, specially the accord n S-class guy in my area. “Dude u nt gonna impress any chick with loud music n windows down”

  9. Cant belive it… Dubai Police getting a bugatti veryon, porsche 911turbo S, and audi r8

  10. Oh and btw fast and furious 7 will be filmed in Dubai. … they’re gonna use dubai police supercars for this one… shooting for fnf7 starts september in this year…. and the movie will realese nxt year summer

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