Honda slashes Civic, Accord and Pilot prices in UAE

Honda slashes Civic, Accord and Pilot prices in UAE

The 2013 editions of the venerable Honda Civic and Honda Accord are pretty darn good cars in their segments, and used to be big sellers in the UAE. But more recently, Honda’s sales plummeted in this country thanks to dealer pricing that kept pitching them against Volkswagens rather than Toyotas, while the Koreans were all too happy to take away their customers as well. It seems Honda Middle East has managed to twist enough arms on the ground, as we’ve just received word that prices of several models have been revised, most of them downwards by a large margin.

2013 Honda Civic

The 2013 Honda Civic had a starting price of Dhs 75,000 when it was launched in Dubai just a few months ago. We heard that salesmen were quietly offering discounts to push cars out of showrooms, but a new lower base price of Dhs 70,499 is now official, bringing it in line with cars like the VW Jetta and the Ford Focus.

2013 Honda Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord had a starting price of Dhs 95,000, far higher than entry-level midsize models from any other carmaker. Now it has an official base price of Dhs 85,499, bringing it in line with the basic Toyota Camry and the fleet-spec VW Passat. At the top end, the price cuts are even more massive, including for the coupe.


The 2013 Honda Pilot now has a starting price of Dhs 127,799, down from Dhs 135,000 earlier this year, while the top version now undercuts top-trim rivals such as the Ford Explorer and the Nissan Pathfinder by a fair margin although, admittedly, the Pilot offers slightly less features than the others.

Other models have received minor changes in price. For example, base price for the Honda CR-V remains almost the same, while the top-spec price is slightly lower. After steading going up to ridiculous levels over the years, Honda Jazz prices seem to have come down to 2009 levels, when the current version was first launched. Prices for the Honda Odyssey have actually gone up, it seems.

For all prices, specs and trims, visit the Honda buyer guide.

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  1. good to see dealers becoming less greedy.
    also as price of yen has dropped, the dealers are also paying less for the cars from japan.
    though somehow i feel like we are still getting ripped off with pricing. if they drop the price what else did they drop? some options not there anymore?

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      These cars are already coming from America. There was no reason to price them so high in the first place, hence the drop.

    • But credits to AFM-Honda for making the long time price drop rather than only throwing a short term discount like AFM-Toyota and calling it the BIG RED T

  2. Hello Mash, Reference to the Accord pricing that brings it in line with the basic Toyota Camry, would it not be correct to say that the Nissan Altima is still nearly 8k cheaper than the accord, considering its the same reliable Japanese quality, resale value and probably the same on features. I agree with Chris on getting ripped off with the pricing.

  3. an aed 500 discount is still not an attractive/convincing discount.

  4. at least they took appropriate measures.

    honda accord base at 85.5k sounds rather fair indeed

  5. Still Accord v6 sport is expensive at 133,500. It was for 137,000 AED during its initial launch period.

    It should have been down by atleast 10k AED.

  6. Thanks to Hyundai and Kia!!! Now we have a healthy competition!!!

  7. Hi,

    is the price drop only in UAE, or in Middle east like here in Saudi Arabia.

  8. Well the sales ppl are calling us and asking whether you want to sell your old honda and buy a new Honda. They promise to give good price for your old vehicle and discounts with the new vehicle.

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      I’m a second owner, which is probably why I’m not getting calls. But it’d be comical to hear what they offer for the S2000.

  9. Last year when I was planning to buy Honda Civic the base model was Dhs 74,999/- and top model Dhs 89,999/-. The salesman couldn’t explain why I should buy a Honda Civic over mid specs Toyota Camry for almost same price ie Dhs 93,000/-. I informed him that if you can reduce it by Dhs 5,000/- would be a reasonable price. I bought the Camry.

  10. New Camry is horrible compared to the previous longer versions. Honda’s interior, I seem to find it terribly boring and unpleasing. Korean cars are going a long way ahead currently with their designs both exterior and interior.

    • I test drive the mid optioned accord toddy, priced at 94.5 k after discount, it is good option for people who dont enjoy driving, with no tiptronic gear, its just boring, you can only select D or D3 or D2!!! The new Mazda 6 is more appealing with 6speed and paddel shifting

  11. I called Honda today and it is just a big joke, a month ago i checked the V6 accord Sport trim and it was at 140 K with free insurance, now it is at 133.5 K without anything, so it is almost the same, and BTW, free insurance was offered for all accord line up, so they didnt reduce the price that much after all

  12. altima 2k13 is 82000 without insurance so altima is still the cheapest in mid size family sedan weather it’s better than Camry or no is personal choice and all people who hate on Camry sorry u belong to a tiny majority Toyota will rule this region for a long time to come even with completion from better specedd Korean I will take Toyota any day over them the hyundai s would be history in 7-8 years while u can still se Camry from yester years of early 90s doing daily driver duties

    • Yes indeed we see camrys from 90s doing daily driver duties while driving 100 kms on the left lane of emirates road without AC or anything working, for god sake have mercy on us

  13. Any one checked the Mazda 6 pricing? 83 – 95 – 110, this is the best deal I can get in terms of price and specs in my opinion.

  14. The Mazda used to be a good quality sedan until Ford took a part in the company and it became a Mondeo with a Mazda badge reliability went out of the window as did the quality Mazda were known for, If Mazda would sell out their product so easily as they did, in my opinion they are not customer focused and should not be trusted again.

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