Kia Carens 2014 launched in the UAE

Kia Carens 2014 launched in the UAE

2013 Kia Carens
The 2014 Kia Carens has just been launched in the UAE. The small minivan-type people-carrier car thingy is the latest model to get the new corporate styling.


The new Carens can be had with a 132 hp 1.6-litre in LX and EX trim, or a 150 hp 2.0-litre in LX and two EX trims. All models get a 6-speed automatic, front-wheel-drive, fog lamps, cooled glovebox, CD/MP3 stereo, Bluetooth, roof rack and keyless entry. Base models get 16-inch steel wheels and a vinyl steering wheel. Higher trim levels get 17-inch alloy wheels, leatherette-wrapped steering wheel, parking sensors, cruise control and more. Only the top model gets a panoramic glass roof.

All models get ABS and only one airbag, except for the top model, which gets two front airbags to go with that glass roof.

Interestingly, prices start at Dhs 65,000 and top out at only Dhs 75,000, as per what we’re told.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Kia Carens buyer guide.

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  1. Really Hyundai and Kia should stop being cheap on safety for the ME.

    • Author

      The dealer chooses specs for the cars, and the dealer says buyers prefer lower price rather than airbags, which is true here.

    • Decent interiors and good job on making this a family carrier.. EXCEPT .. A Smart family man will invest in added safety to protect his family than just two lousy front airbags.. Sheesh

    • Typical Stealership Tactics. The Kia vehicles are already cheap as chips, there’s no need to reduce the price further. Infact, they should load their cars with plenty of airbags and promote them aloud on the healthy safety aspects of the Vehicle.

    • at least they have added an ABS for it, I was shocked when I knew that the previous model has no ABS whatsoever in a “Family” car…

    • Look who is speaking. The same guys who went and bought Altima,s ! Stripped up Camry and Corolla sport without abs during recession time, I still didn’t forget those days or car ads. All speaking in forum and show off then when come to buying cars, going and buying the cheapest ones.

  2. For a family that doesnt like to go SUV route, it is very nice alternative, the market here lacks decent and cheap hatchbacks and this can fill the gap, hatchbacks offer nice versatility and practicality for those having kids and too much stuff, I was driving HB tiida, it was amazing how i can put too much stuff in its boot, but now after selling it im considering small suv coz nothing in the market to fill its place, the focus is over priced with its 2.0 engine and has no resale value at all, the yaris is so small, the Hyundai i30 is not well equipped

  3. Some family man is now greatly benefited. Thanks to Kia

  4. Actually this will benefit the newspaper offices… Lots of space to transport all that paper…

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