Toyota Corolla 2014 Euro version likely coming to GCC

Toyota Corolla 2014 Euro version likely coming to GCC

2014 Toyota Corolla Euro
The 2014 Toyota Corolla is all-new from the ground up, and soon after the debut of the North American version, the European version has a photo debut as well.

The European version is largely similar to the American version, except for a front-end that incorporates a different grille and bumper. The shape of the headlights and tail lamps are completely different. The interior looks to be almost the same as the American one, including the screen that we possibly won’t get in the GCC. But in all likelihood, the Corolla coming to the UAE at the end of this year will probably look like this.

For more information about the changes to the new Corolla, read our previous story about the American version.

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  1. Looks cool, are they giving six speed automatic and more horse power

  2. Surprising how much more pleasing to the eyes this one looks to the American version.

  3. The US for me is a WIN.

  4. This is the nicer one, looks wise.

  5. This one looks cooler, I hope they release this one over here.

  6. Oh lord Toyota, joining the CVT bandwagon, wasn’t expecting that from toyota, ruining a perfectly a good car….

  7. I hope that the American Version come to GCC.

  8. this one is good, but again same gearbox 🙁 american version’s gearbox is better

  9. Yes better lines on this design.

  10. not bad Toyota!..

  11. Very good design.

  12. ever green corolla.

  13. USA version will decrease the sale.. I live in UAE and I know .. people will never go for this type of shape… It looks more like hyundai or Kia … but Euro version is awesome as compared to US..

  14. Mash,

    following patron got a reason to smile:
    Babu Shaji Sijo Jijo Joseph shibu sabu

    I guess you understood what I want to say;)

  15. Very low ground clearance 125 cm not suitable for our region, also Turkish assembly.

  16. Versus tiawanese, Indonesian and Thai assembly?…

    I believe the Turkish Plant is first one to intiate production

  17. I got the 2014 EU version in Egypt’ more space, better driving position, the dash board is higher – negatively impacting the vision and manovering- feeling like in old 60’s Corrolla, good sound system, smooth still having the same driving pleasure, low road noise better than the previous model and better than all Koreans, CVT gear is great, good A/C, plastics in doors are a bit cheap, ground clearance looks good and seems higher of what announced of 125cm, cruse controller is perfect, parking sensors are fine but not automatically operating unless you turn it on, daylight leds is always on cant turn it off, Turkish assembly is fine so far like the Japaness quality. Seats clothes are not soft but comfortable, take care black, blue, white are not metallic!, it’s face is beautiful, back is acceptable, side looks a bit ugly. Overall I rate it 8 of 10, i personally think that Corrolla is one of the essentials any family should have.

  18. Was at the Toyota dealer at festival city ….who confirmed it’s going to be a 1.6 and a new 2.0 for the Corolla ….1.6 is 69000aed and 2.0 is 80000aed

  19. its a fantastic looking

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