BMW sets new world record for longest drift

BMW sets new world record for longest drift

BMW M5 Drift World Record.
Seems Abo Feghali’s much-hyped drift record didn’t last long. Last month, BMW went into the Guinness Book of Records for setting the longest drift. A BMW M5 was used to accomplish the task.

BMW Performance Driving School broke the record set by Abdo Feghali in March, when he drifted a modified Chevrolet Camaro around a skidpad for 11,180 metres. BMW did it on May 11th, when driver Johan Schwartz drifted a M5 around a skidpad for almost 82,524 meters.

For this successful record attempt, the skidpad was made wet all around the track surface, making it much easier to drift and to eliminate the need to change tyres. Maybe some sort of criteria should be set to classify these record attempts as proper drifts, since the level of skill required to drift is much less when the track is wet. Feghali’s record wasn’t the most honest either, as he used a modified car and “EasyDrift” plastic tyres to keep the sideways action going longer.

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  1. If there is ever an award for drifting, it should go to Saudi ‘shabab’, who drift on dry roads with any normal car.

  2. 😀 😀 That ain’t Drift – it’s Joke – i can drift for that long on water with a way older car AND EVEN with Front Wheel Drive … everybody can Drift ot Water or Snow – Even my mather will – after 10 laps i’m sure an old Lady will do it perfectly too 😀

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