So we got a 2013 Range Rover Evoque

So we got a 2013 Range Rover Evoque

2013 Range Rover Evoque
No, we didn’t buy an Evoque, contrary to what you may have seen on the internets. Despite our issues with them, we asked Land Rover for one and, despite our issues with them, they still gave us one. We assume it’s a 2013 model, although with almost 9,000 km on the clock, it could be a 2012 for all we know. Not that it matters. It’s a good-looking car, to say the least.

2013 Range Rover Evoque 3

What started out as a Land Rover LRX concept transformed into a baby Range Rover after some marketing discussions. What surprisingly didn’t change is the concept’s styling. We actually have a model of the LRX concept, and absolutely nothing is different between it and the production car, aside from some futuristic lesions on the concept’s panoramic glass roof.

2013 Range Rover Evoque 5

The interior looks great, so much so that the new Range Rover borrows design cues from it. However, while the upper bits are RR-grade, all the bits below the waist are hard-plastic, which was a bit of a disappointment compared to our ancient L322-generation Range Rover. Sure, the Evoque costs less, but it is still very expensive for what it is, so our expectations were high.

2013 Range Rover Evoque 6

Interior space is actually pretty good, even in the rear. Getting into the back remains a pain though, so if that’s a concern, go for the 5-door model. The boot is decently-sized, but only if you compare it to a VW Golf rather than a Honda CR-V.

2013 Range Rover Evoque 4

There’s a whole lot more we’d like to talk about, beginning with how it drives. We’re actually in the market for a premium city runabout that fits in mall parking spaces and doesn’t get bullied by idiots in big 4x4s, but despite its price, the Evoque isn’t off the table. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. I’m in drool mode

  2. So does everybody slow down to peek inside and see if the woman driving the Evoque is hot or not? 😀

  3. Its kinda of RR for Ladies. I see very few men driving the Evoque.

  4. Landrover handing over their SUV’s to you speaks of the importance and readership of Drive Arabia. They cant deny it for too long.. Kudos to Mash and the whole Team.

  5. Ask for an Audi now 😀

  6. lady transporter…

  7. I’m buying one for my daughter .

  8. It should have a make-up kit fitted as a standard fitment.

  9. In this case, I dont mind being called a woman.

  10. dream car…for now, i’m good with my Sportage

  11. Well if you are in the market for new car since Evoque according to your site is 235,000 AED, why do not you consider Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 you just drived. it is 139000 AED, you will nearly save 100,000 AED.

    • Well its not about money, he is saying, its about compact size, premium feel and road respect for the brand. Its not lady’s car, man’s car or kid’s car, its what you like, what satisfies you for the money paid, it can be a small car like yaris or it can be a super car, if the person is satisfied , doesn’t matter what the world says. I have raptor in my parking driven by Lady, so what! now all men should be stop buying raptor. She has money and guts to drive and park such a huge car, she is happy, finish.

    • v6turbo

      Well good answer for the first part, but did i mention anything about lady car? which you spend most of paragraph talking about it

  12. 235k dhs for the Evoque?!!!? That is very expensive. This car doesnt offer much for that money. But it caters for a category of ppl that doent care much about money.

    • Did someone forget to mention that it’s a ‘RANGE ROVER’ ??? Just because it looks small doesn’t mean it has to be cheap.

      Or put it this way – that’s the price of a top end Prado and a basic Land cruiser.

    • solid review mash.

      exactly @ shibu, so it should be much cheaper!!!! it is somehow TM/ indian.

      i am fully with mitch that this “thing” is completely overpriced + you pay for the chique..

      whatever makes people happy though 🙂

  13. exactly. same price as a top Prado. I ll let you decide which one offers more for the same money.

    • Well, if you are happy with that bathtub interior, you’ve got your choice mate.

    • Haha…Bathtubes are meant to be comfy and relaxing. So, nothing wrong with that.
      From a practical man’s point of view, the Evoque doesn’t make much sense. Victoria Beckham is the image of this car, so you do the math…. what this car is meant to be for.
      I don’t dislike the car, its funky and chic but it cost too much.

  14. “more” is subjective. For some the Prado offers nothing in comparison to this – image, respect, a chic interior etc. People who want to buy Prados don’t then walk into Range Rover’s showroom to “check it out and compare”. The world doesn’t work that way, and Range Rover knows it 😉 …plus adaptive magnetic suspension man!!

  15. Be my guests. Go buy this car! Haha…
    It might be chic, but to me a car has to be more than that. I am a fun of Range Rover but….the Evoque was created for ladies such as Victoria Beckham. Nice and shiny but it doesn’t excel in any way. I’d rather spent my money on a Audi Q5 if I am after a car from this segment.

    • Or buy yourself a prado because it’s errr………… a Toyota. No offence.

    • Or a Pajero, a Q5, an Infiniti FX…..whatever makes more sense when you think of the raport between the price and what the car offers.
      235k dhs for an Evoque? a car with a 2.0 engine?….get real! Its overpriced!
      Get an LR4 for the same money. V8, 5.0 engine, lots of space.
      Don’t get me wrong. If I’d be Victoria Beckham or someone of the same breed I’d get the Evoque. Perfect car to go to the mall and get my hair done. But Im not….so other more practical aspects make more sense to me. Hence the Prado!

    • Ah, Prado. The perfect choice for the non-enthusiast.

  16. @Nero,
    obviously, you have never been off-road. Perfect choice for someone who wants a bit of fun, take advantage of what the desert has best to offer. Lots of enthusiasm in this car.
    And…. its not about Prado here. Its about this Evoque. Pls go and buy it if you love it…by all means! I am just saying my opinion.

  17. prado is the best…. all others are toys…

  18. Just the fact that Prado is being brought into the discussion when critiquing the Evoque is just ridiculous. True the Prado is a great SUV, this is not meant to compete with that market though. Not everyone out there is looking for the “best bang for their buck”. btw BMW also sells four bangers for above 200k, doesn’t stop people from buying em 🙂

  19. Not worth the money one is paying, unless it solely serves his ego.

  20. This car is a looker. u dont buy these cars to take them offroad.and u expect them to be pricy. Yet I would go for another premium brand though not stylish as this one (Audi, Merc etc..) simply because of the bad reliability of the rovers. I would pay for whatever makes me happy, BUT not a car that I will doubt it will start in each morning!!

    • @Marwan, You are perfectly right, I drove a LR Discovery for 2 years and every other day, I was in the workshop. Lost a good amount of money in repairs and still can’t forget the horrors. One issue was engine heat sensor gone in just 20k kilometers, whereby the engine would stop suddenly and refuses to start, notwithstanding whether you are on the middle of a highway or at a busy intersection.

  21. What ever you say, a lion is always a lion… Thumps Up to new land rover evoque!!

  22. For some reason me and my dad huge landies and rangies. My dad bought the Defender, LR4 2013, Range Rover Vouge 2013, Range Rover Evoque!!! So we litrley have all the good ones.

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