So we got a 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI

So we got a 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2014 VW Golf GTI
We drove the redesigned VW Golf recently and found it to be a pretty good car. Of course, around here, nobody cares about the regular Golf. With a huge chunk of Golf sales, up to 50% by some sources, in our region accounted for by just the pricier GTI, it’s obvious from the start that the latest GTI was a hotly-anticipated car this summer.

2014 VW Golf GTI 3

The GTI looks just as dull as ever. Even we’d have a hard time spotting the new model unless there was an old model next to it. Still, the car is easily recognisable as a GTI, and its minimalist design cues are one of its major draws ever since Steve Jobs made minimalism cool again.

2014 VW Golf GTI 4

Inside, it also remains as dull as ever. There’s even a bit more hard plastics in here than before, but it’s functional and clean, which is all you really need.

2014 VW Golf GTI 5

Cabin space is decent, as is the boot. No surprises here.

2014 VW Golf GTI 2

The new GTI fixes a lot of the old model’s flaws in terms of drive, although we would’ve appreciated it if the changes didn’t come at the cost of dumbing down some of the premium bits. More in the full review.

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  1. Hmm.. you weren’t invited to the gti launch in France, is it or after the arrival of your new jag, everything else looks dull for you?

    • Author

      The GTI always looked dull. And we did get invited to the France event, which we didn’t attend due to other reasons. And we got this car now for 10 days.

  2. Definitely not worth the price over the MK6 and the dealer still doesn’t get the two door version and I was told that you can’t order it either.

    VW ME/Naboodah…I actually went down to the SZR showroom on the 25th of June and requested for a test drive and I’ve been waiting for the call ever since.

    I actually thought of buying my second GTI but with the customer service both at the showroom and service center I’m better off waiting for the Benz A 45AMG.

    • The price of the MB A45 AMG is expected to be in excess of AED 200K, also its direct competition from VW would be the upcoming 2014 Golf R, not the GTI

      On the other-hand, the A250AMG is somewhat comparable to the GTI in terms of performance and is already available in the showrooms

    • A45??????

      Thats like comparing porsche with the cheap and crappy maseratis

    • Ironman – Have you test driven the A250 yet? The car weighs 1400kg with less power than what the GTI currently has and weight 1200kgs. I totally understand your point of view that’s based on paper (Which Wheels mag does) but not when you actually drive both. You’re talking about 7 generations compared to a car that failed in it’s first generation and they’ve just turned it into a hot hatch fitted with existing engine which they use on almost every single class they have.

      I’m comparing both cars out of experience, my MK6 GTI does 300+ hp and over 430 N.m Torque. Hence, I’ve compared it to the AMG.

      Note: VW de-tune their turbo cars in the Middle East, a recent example would be the MK6 Golf R. A1550

      Marc – Crappy Maseratis? Now I’m starting to wonder what you’re doing on this site.

    • Rayan- I’ve driven the A250, the GTI MK7, the R20 MK6 (AKA Golf R) and the R32 MK5.

      How in the world is anyone going to figure out you have a ‘300+ hp’ GTI which when stock is actually only 210hp and initially you dont mention anything about it. LOL

  3. Mash, tell them this when you return the car: WHY not bring all the options to the UAE for a fair price. They currently want over 136k for GTI without the performance pack, the big Discover + screen, and lots of other toys!


  4. my mother is dull

  5. This is not a dull car. Its a car without any bling-bling by all means but not dull imo. I always liked the GTI and this model makes no exception. GTI is a legend!

  6. interior looks pretty good

  7. Actually the interior&exteriors look pretty good, I had a test drive and its really brilliant
    The only drawback Is the waiting list to get the full option i think by October 🙁

  8. Though I believe this car is a true icon, yet I can not stand how boring its design is, I mean look at MK6 specially in GTI version and see it’s current beauty on the road, specially in black. This car has jetta like boring headlights and smaller cheaper looking taillights and the nicely bloated golf6 body has turned a weaker image design now. My family owned several golfs before, and I find that the design of this one is an absolute mistake, though the car became better on many other aspects.

  9. Only thing dull here was your review.

  10. The best car for fanboy is Hyundai or maybe Tata or Lada …. which all are new in business .
    not legend like VW

    try to drive your lovely hyunday sport driving (if you know) or borrow some performance drivers opinions .
    or sit beside fast driver is GTI you will change your dull opinion to crying .

  11. MB A250 is a very very nice ride with bless and whistles fine and premium interior and carry the brand catche for 150k I will never buy it new but wait for a year and you will find plenty for under 90k or 80k and would be a very nice daily drive or occasional jaunt to the malls

  12. VW is homo car it break all over the road i think TATI is better car

    my uncle’ nephaw had one and it go garage all time

  13. It’s good idea to have it used however I don’t think it gonna be with 80k after one year this almost 50% depreciation
    After one year with average 20-25k km I think it will be around 100k
    Good luck next year

  14. I luv golf… it looks so sporty… it looks amazing when matte finished in black with a covertabile roof and a Red LED under lights

  15. i so want to get hold of this mk7 but the only thing that i am wondering is if the dsg transmission reliable?

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