2014 Honda Jazz officially revealed

2014 Honda Jazz officially revealed

2014 Honda Jazz
Contrary to what you see in the images, we here in the GCC know the Honda Fit as the Jazz. Honda has published pictures and revealed some information about the next-generation version of their sub-compact hatchback.

Looking at the exterior, the new Jazz features angular headlamps and a large front bumper. There is a lot happening in the rear with the taillamps extending all the way to the top, the ventilated bumper and the chrome trim from one taillight to the other.

The Jazz depicted here is a hybrid version which makes use of a new 4-cylinder, 1.5-litre ‘Atkinson-cycle’ engine working together with a high-output electric motor, lithium-ion battery and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. With this setup, the 2014 Honda Jazz Hybrid reportedly achieves a fuel economy of 36.4 km/l or 2.7 l/100 km.

The car also comes with a choice of three driving modes, namely- EV, Hybrid and Engine, meaning it can run as a zero-emission electric car, a hybrid or as a conventionally-powered vehicle.

We’re not sure whether Honda will launch the Jazz hybrid here in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC, along with the petrol engines. But more details for the vehicle are expected to surface as we get closer to the launch dates of the car. It is destined to be launched in Japan this September.

Keep track of the latest updates and prices in the Honda Jazz buyer guide.

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  1. If I wasn’t fasting, this car would make me lose my appetite.

  2. apart from honda accord all other new hondas are ugly

  3. Honda is heading south..

  4. What happened to the 2012 Honda Civic might happen to the 2014 Honda Jazz…..sent straight back to the drawing board if the sales charts don’t bring in the numbers

  5. You’re really missing the point of this car. The fuel economy figures which thanks to our gluttony in fuel remain out of the limelight, are a major factor in buying in most other countries and as such this is a phenomenal step forward in that regard.

  6. Rear view, not so impressive

  7. Front view is acceptable

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