Mini shows off cheesy camping concepts for Countryman

Mini shows off cheesy camping concepts for Countryman

Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp
Overnight camping can be fun. And if you’re the type of person who loves spontaneous road trips and camping, then you are in for a treat, as Mini has come up with what you’re looking for — the Clubvan Camper, Cowley caravan or Countryman ALL4 Camp.

Unfortunately though, Mini says there are no plans to offer any of them for sale, yet. Still, let’s start with the Clubvan camper, which is an interesting little prototype that has a sleeping area for one and an extendable kitchenette featuring a stove and chest fridge.

The second marvel is the Cowley caravan, named after Mini’s historic factory in England, that can be towed behind a Mini vehicle and features a sleeping area for two, a twin-burner gas stove and a water tank complete with pump and sink facility. Moreover, the Cowley uses a solar panel to charge its onboard battery, and it has a 230-volt connection to power the fridge and entertainment equipment.

However, the coolest thing here has to be the Countryman ALL4 Camper, which is basically a Countryman with a specialised tent mounted on top. The tent’s upper portion unfolds from its box and becomes a second-storey mobile living area whenever it’s needed. And, a Countryman isn’t particularly required to mount it to the top of a Mini, as the tent can be mounted to any Mini model.

Even though Mini remains adamant that they won’t put these specially-crafted cars on sale, we think it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they added these accessories in the list as optional extras.

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  1. LOL; may be good if the real estate prices start soaring again!

  2. Wow, the Clubvan Camper is beautiful!

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