Sketches of Brio based three-row Honda MPV revealed

Sketches of Brio based three-row Honda MPV revealed

2014 Honda MPV
Honda has revealed some sketches of an unnamed MPV ahead of its official revealing in the ‘Indonesia International Motor Show’, which is due in September.

The company released the teaser sketch of the new three-row MPV, which is supposedly designed for the region. Honda states that the people-mover will be positioned in the entry-level MPV segment, which plays a crucial part in the Indonesian auto market.

While we cannot actually comment on the size of the rendered MPV, we can say that it does appear to be far more stylish than the Honda CR-V. The sketch also tells us that the front may be based on the Honda Brio, which is available in sedan and hatch-back forms in India, Indonesia and Thailand markets.

The New Honda MPV will be powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine, and it goes to production and subsequently sale, in Indonesia early next year. There is no news of whether it will be sold in the UAE or other GCC countries.

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  1. A 1.5 for a 3 row people mover? That would be one stressed engine specially with the current heat and the vehicle AC.

  2. Yea sketch looks good, however when model comes up, it will look as ugly as Uncle Sam:)

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