Galpin Ford GTR1 revealed at Monterey

Galpin Ford GTR1 revealed at Monterey

2014 Galpin Ford GTR1
While tuners nowadays painstakingly recreate exact replicas of classic cars from the olden days, it is a rare sight to see someone swerve off track to build a classic vehicle directly from their vision as to how it would look in the future. And while the car we are talking about is a Ford GT, what we have here may also look like an adaptation from Shelby’s GR-1 concept from 2005. It’s called the Galpin Ford GTR-1 and it was officially unveiled in Prototype at the Concept Lawn of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which is held in Monterey, California.

The supercar will come with a 5.4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 which is expected to produce more than 1024 hp and 1001 Nm of torque, and a claimed top speed of 360 kph. According to their numbers, 0-100 kph is achieved in a mere 3 seconds and subsequently 160 kph in 6.8 seconds.

All of that can be attributed to a coach-built body which will be clad in generous amounts of carbon-fibre. It in turn, amounts to an unbelievable low curb weight of just 1360 kg.

Production of the Galpin Ford GTR1 is slated to start by early 2014 and the price for the car is a US $1,024,000 (Dhs 3,770,000). Word is that the Galpin is targeting a production run of six cars, but if the vehicle garners more interest they would increase the number to 24, and they would even ship the vehicles out to international countries outside the US. Maybe a few will show up here in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

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  1. that is one ugly interior and not a good looking car either! Dont know who in their right mind would buy something that over a quality exotic or hyper car!

  2. Nice looking car…However the interior looks like, its made for the smurfs 🙂

  3. you sure nothing happened when you left your jag xk with the mechanic for a night? was there a ford gt in the same garage?

  4. Really, a great look!!!! Hope next year will see it in GCC roads.

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