Maruti-Suzuki Alto K10 scores ‘zero’ in Latin crash test

Maruti-Suzuki Alto K10 scores ‘zero’ in Latin crash test

Maruti Alto K10 Crash Test
Car manufacturers strive hard to achieve best results in car crash ratings, at least when it comes to Western markets. However, it is less of a priority when it comes to cars specifically built for developing countries. And this is ably demonstrated by India’s most trusted vehicle — the Maruti Alto K10.

Maruti Alto K10 is basically the successor to India’s bestselling vehicle, the Maruti 800. And while the original 800 escaped the horrors of modern crash tests, it’s been reported that the Latin NCAP, an automobile safety assessment programme that tests the safety of new cars sold in Latin America and the Caribbean, has found out that the new 2013 Alto K10 fares very poorly in their tests.

As a matter of fact, they went on to give the Alto K10, a miserable “zero” in its tests. The main reason, as mentioned by Latin NCAP, was the “unstable” bodyshell which gave way on impact. Apart from that, we’re guessing, the lack of any airbags also aided the non-score. There is no mention of any active or passive safety features either in the car’s marketing materials.

Maruti and various other brands such as Volkswagen and Chevrolet serve developing markets with pocket-friendly cars that aren’t sold in developed countries, but their safety record coninues to remain a sore spot. Incidentally, the Indian-built Suzuki Celerio, a car that is also sold in the GCC, achieves a respectable three stars in comparable Euro NCAP crash tests.

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  1. Petrol prices bloody high in India Rs.78/ltr(apprx). Only thing that matters–mileage,nobody cares about safety….its crazy man!!!

  2. yes I agree “Jai Hind”….lool

  3. at least it looks absolutely beautiful and mind-blowing

    i am still struggeling to decide between this one and the range rover sport

  4. I still remember back in the day in India , the passenger side rear view mirror was an ‘optional’ feature. I’ve driven the old 800 , and lemme tell you , getting passed by a bus/truck on either side is pee-inducing . On a side note, Airbags and ABS are ‘expected’ to become mandatory in 2014.

  5. Then Nano will have negative points!!!!

  6. trust me.. The nano with the airbag option is waaaay safer that this tin can…

  7. Mannn iv grown up travelling in this car and learned driving on 800.. Its known as mehran in Pakistan.. At 100 this car was flying.. And seriously this doesn’t need more safety.. For a reason dubai has so many serious and fatal accidents compared to Pakistan or india though dubai has safer cars.. Before u could speed u get a pothole to dodge.. Haha..
    And mann this car has an unbreakable engine.. Atleast mine had.. After being abused with full throttle 365days and countless 180degree spins and taking load of 6 to 7 guys regularly.. it never broke down.. And even sold off for good.. Shitty durable car with loads off memories..

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