Toyota hopes to conquer Japanese taxi market with JPN Concept

Toyota hopes to conquer Japanese taxi market with JPN Concept

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Firstly, lets point out that Toyota isn’t doing all that bad in the Japanese taxi industry. However, their biggest rival at this point is Nissan, and in an attempt to overshadow the competition, Toyota is showcasing the new JPN Taxi Concept. The car was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, and comes off as a riff on the legendary London Taxi.

Not many details on the JPN Taxi Concept have been revealed except for the dimensions, which stand at 4350mm in length, 1695mm in width and 1700mm in height. It will also have a wheelbase of 2750mm. So, in comparison to the London Taxi, the JPN Concept is much smaller, about the same length as a Toyota Yaris sedan.

There’s no news as to when the JPN Taxi Concept will hit the streets of Tokyo. But they say that the next-generation taxi concept car is created with “Japanese hospitality” in mind and that it hopes to “enliven city streets”.

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  1. Toyota is already a leader in the segment. Most of the taxi are Toyota Crown since 1995 when the model was launched. This new model is an attempt to replace the old Crown since there is a need for a more modern car.

  2. if this is the concept wonder how the real ones gonna look… 🙁

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