Suzuki presents Crosshiker, X-Lander and Hustler concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki presents Crosshiker, X-Lander and Hustler concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Crosshiker Concept
Following the revealing of the the iV-4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year, Suzuki yet again showed off a slew of concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. We’re not exactly sure of what these might turn out to be in the future, but the Crosshiker, X-Lander and Hustler concepts certainly offers some ideas on their design direction for upcoming models.

The Crosshiker is the more curvy and stylish model of the two and goes by Suzuki’s “small cars for a big future” slogan. It is a compact crossover that is based on the Regina, that was first showcased back in 2011 at the same auto show. In any case, the Crosshiker weighs 810kgs and will be powered by a 1-litre 3-cylinder engine. There’s no details on the power and torque figures.

Suzuki X-Lander Concept

The X-Lander on the other hand is a 4-wheel drive hybrid that is apparently based on the Jimny. It comes with a 1.3-litre engine. If it’s the same unit from the Jimny, then we’d be getting around 80 hp and 110 Nm of torque. The gearbox however is a newly developed “automatically controlled manual transmission”.

Suzuki Hustler Concept

The last of the lot is the Hustler, which by no means is intimidating. As a matter of fact, it’s just a cube, at least by design. It will come in two body styles, namely in a minicar format and a coupe. The idea is to extract maximum space on the inside, and we think they’ve done pretty well. There are no details on the engine. But it could borrow the 1-litre or the 1.3-litre engine from the above mentioned vehicles.

All these showcased vehicles are concepts and are far from production. But assuming Suzuki decides to put one into production soon, we’ll see them make it to the streets in a couple of years. Or else it’s just another auto show novelty.

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  1. Look at the face on that ‘Hustler’ LOL

  2. When you cross an FJ with Honda Element, you get a baby Suzuki Hustler.

  3. nice use of LEDs by the looks of it

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