Renault Twizy electric car now on sale in UAE and Qatar

Renault Twizy electric car now on sale in UAE and Qatar

Renault launched the Twizy, a full electric car, at the 2014 Qatar Motor Show. Renault will be the first car manufacturer to sell a 100% electric vehicle in the Middle East.

The Renault Twizy is designed as an “ultramobile” and is just 2.34 metres long, 1.24 metres wide and 1.45 metres tall. It will available in only four colours – blue, white, red and black from which customers can choose many styling combinations. Also different stickers can be added to the doors and rims.

The Twizy’s electric motor, which produces around 17 hp and 57 Nm of torque, has a top speed of 80 kph. It can run up to 85 km on a single charge. The lithium-ion batteries takes about 3.5 hours to charge completely using a 220-240v domestic supply. The car weighs a mere 450 kg.

For safety, the Twizy comes with a 4-point seatbelt and a driver’s airbag. It is equipped with disc brakes as well and an optional rear parking aid.

Pre-booking has already started for the Renault Twizy in the GCC, with UAE and Qatar to be the first countries to get it. Prices in the UAE will start from Dhs 77,900.

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  1. Nice but how we can charge it as individuals?

  2. Perfect for golf clubs!

  3. @ Matt: Unless you use a 12v to 220v converter via your existing car’s cigarette lighter socket and
    leave your car running. Not practical.

    It is interesting to see how other drivers will treat a Twizy driver. Or maybe they will be chasing
    the motorbikes on the hard shoulder lane LOL.

  4. Its around 45000 in uk. Why such a huge price difference.

  5. There is a huge price difference because UK provides a Govt. Subsidy of 25% on the upfront costs as an incentive for purchase of Plug in electric vehicles as well as for Plug in hybrid vehicles.

  6. Am sure we will see plenty of these once Masdar City is up and running.

  7. I feel it to be a more of a upgrade from a scooter/bike as it is a single seater.

  8. He everybody,
    It’s nice to have such environmental friendly cars, but it is unsafe to drive them in the main roads or high way roads, I suggest to limit the use of such cars within the downtown of the cities only to metigate the traffic.

  9. May I know when this Twizy will be launch in Singapore?

  10. How much in qatar

  11. Do this have an AC. A must in UAE?

  12. Dear All

    why 77.500 AED? the factory will answer because the number of produced twizy car is limited.even if the technology of this model is simple, so if the demand increased the production will get higher then the production cost will be less and the price will decreased, but what I believe if the demand is high the price will increased.
    also why they did not put solar panel on the body which need like 15 sunny hours to refill at least half the battery which available in GCC.
    the price shows for me on truth, forget about Eco solutions. this car should cost less than small tata car to succeed.

  13. Yeah I really like this car and even I have already tried to use it in Malaysia you can get drive maximum 70-80km and battery capacity within one hour I have spend only 20% out of 100%.
    You may check it by my facebook profile that I took a picture with it.

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