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2015 Toyota Camry debuts at New York Auto Show

2015 Toyota Camry debuts at New York Auto Show

2015 Toyota Camry 2
An all-new 2015 Toyota Camry debuted at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Featuring around 2,000 new parts, the 2015 Camry is slightly longer and wider, with a stiffer chassis, reretuned suspension and electric power steering, and a new two-stage brake booster for improved braking feel.

A new XSE trim is the sporty option, and includes sport shock absorbers and springs, stiffer bushings, unique stability control programming and 18-inch wheels, with a unique front-end treatment that uses mesh grille inserts.

The engine and transmission options remain the same as the existing model.

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  1. Ugliest front end I have ever seen what were they thinking when they draw it???

    • This one is for the American market. The one that will debut here will probably feature less edgy styling, like the American Corolla and the European Corolla.

    • i feel the exact opposite: great front but very boring back!

      very short model cycle then for the current model/ i was expecting a facelift first and then a revamp like this only in 2017

  2. The New York auto show has seen the Asians kick into high gear, with the new Camry, Sonata, Carnival/Sedona and Murano!

  3. Looks different. Glad they changed the current shape, but I feel they have been completely bullied over by Accords and the Koreans counterparts.
    Well tried though. And well, I’m sure the cabbies in Dubai would be thrilled 🙂

  4. The front end looks fine apart from that front grill that looks like it was specifically designed only for the S model with the mesh black finish. Looks out of place in the normal model. The rear leaves a lot to be desired and looks bland in comparison to the front. I wish they’d taken some of the swish-ness of the front to the side of the car as well since that looks extremely plain. Interior look boring in those colors.

  5. They fogs look like its been copied from GX ( Lexus).
    The mesh looks unnatural anyways… doesn’t suit it… maybe it’ll grow on you.
    And it doesn’t look ugly… it has a charm to it.
    Not as bland as before i guess.

  6. afm might price the base for 110,000 AED

  7. The 5th pic looks straight outta GTA 5!

  8. Toyota has lost its charm, Poorest and worst design engineers. Apart from Interior there is nothing much to talk about 2015 Camry…. This one sucks……

  9. It looks like the current avalon from the front.

  10. I am not a Toyota fan at all but I think exterior wise this is an improvement from the current model.. But the interior looks the same though.

  11. The from grill/goatie sure will have it’s looks killed once the number plate fits on it….sorta like the mitsubishi lancer EX…but I doubt they’ll have it on all the models here in UAE….but then again, if they could make the Aurion as ugly as it got at the rear end, anything is possible.

  12. Now those who bought the S Plus Edition 2014 will be angry and regret it hahaha

  13. It look better than before it shuld be in the middle east

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