Dodge Charger 2015 debuts at New York Auto Show

Dodge Charger 2015 debuts at New York Auto Show

2015 Dodge Charger
Dodge has unveiled the facelifted 2015 Charger at this week’s 2014 New York Auto Show. Chrysler claims they have reworked almost about every body panel on the car, even if it appears to be just a friendlier Dart-inspired front and rear redesign using more LEDs.

Available in several trim levels, all get standard LED running lamps and tail lamps, while the SXT and R/T get LED foglamps as well. All models have exhaust tips integrated into the rear bumper, while the R/T now has a rear lip spoiler. Six new 20-inch alloy wheel designs are available, as are new colours.

Dodge has introduced a 7-inch thin-film TFT screen in the gauge cluster, while touchscreens up to 8.4-inches on the centre stack remain available. 3D navigation and downloadable apps are both available. The steering wheel, shifter knob and interior trim options have all been redone. U.S. owners get trial access to Uconnect services, which include 9-1-1 and assist call, roadside assistance calling options, theft alert, voice texting and a Wi-Fi hotspot, among other features.

Engines remain the same, with a 370 hp 5.7-litre V8 and a 292 hp 3.6-litre V6. Opt for the Charger SXT with the Rallye Appearance Group package, with a cold air intake, new exhaust and some ECU tweaks, and power is lifted to 300 hp for the V6. SE and SXT models are available with all-wheel-drive in the States. Details on the 2015 Charger SRT will be released later.

Also available are Normal, Comfort and Sport modes for the electronic power steering, lighter cast-aluminum axles and a sport mode for the automatic transmission. Changes take just 250 milliseconds–versus 400 as standard–and throttle mapping is more aggressive. The shifter itself is now fully electronic.

The 2015 Dodge Charger is slated to begin production in the fourth quarter of 2014, with deliveries starting by winter. We assume it will appear in UAE and other GCC showrooms sometime early next year.

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  1. not too bad overall (aweful colour choice though, who buys red cars if it isnt a ferrari??)..

    front looks a lot like the current mustang model..

  2. One word. Gorgeous. I was stunned just looking at the thumbnail.

  3. Pleasing to the eye and a beat to drive at an affordable price…designers sure are doing their job well at Dodge.

  4. Somehow feels like it has lost the aggression that previous models had…

  5. Exterior styling makes you think it is a mid-size car. And less aggression than before due to soft style. Kinda look like female charger than the current male charger.

  6. Looks nice .. but yea the aggressive look has vanished. Liked the front better before.

  7. It has lost its bad boy image, where’s all the muscle gone??

  8. It does’nt look like muscle anymore, older one way better than this.

  9. I hope they make the SRT8 more manly than this.

  10. 2012 – 2014 models looks much more stylish and much more manly than this soft boy with all LEDs around its front lamps like mascara ladies use. But this one looks like it will kill some fan base for the charger this year.

  11. Phew!!! Thank goodness I have a 2012

  12. its former distinguishing looks are gone. a pretty ordinary car now. shame

  13. Definitely polarizing looks..lost all those brawny features Charger was famous for..feeling lucky for buying the 2012 model.

  14. I disagree with all the comments saying the car looks less “manly” now. In my opinion the 2005-2014 front clip was simply gaudy and butt-ugly, and that look was the only thing that kept me from buying one honestly. It reminds me of something a typical high school jock on steroids would drive. If you want “polarized, boring, and tasteless looks” with no distinction, look at all the 4-door offerings from Ford and GM. GM and Ford don’t even build a big RWD 4-door anymore, and a big RWD from Europe or Asia will cost you much, much more than a well-equipped SXT or even an RT. Even the new 2015 Chrysler 200 looks sharp in my opinion. At least Chrysler has the balls to do something different.

  15. Dodge charger used to be famous for it’s muscular and aggressive looks. It used to give me goosebumps by just looking at the amazing exterior. But with the new facelift, it looks like the muscular factor has been eliminated.
    Sure the care looks beautiful but it also has a feminine touch to it. Guess Chrysler must be gearing their target towards the female audience. I mean yes the car must evolve but not like this. It is with a heavy heart to see the end of the old dodge charger. I mean it’s the end of an era. Chrysler withstood change in an age of crossovers and cars without identity. But now I feel like they too are jumping on the bandwagon.

  16. I actually like enerything coming out of Dodge in last three years. New charger looks in line with where the brand is going in general. For my taste it still looks muscle enoguh for me.

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